If A Black Man Would’ve ‘Incited’ People To Storm Area 51 He’d Be Arrested Or Dead Already

It’s a funny joke when a white man does it, but if a Black man would’ve done it he’d be dead or in jail by now.

On the day of June 27th, A Caucasian Californian, Matty Roberts, started a Facebook event saying “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”. Roberts claims he started the ‘Area 51’ Facebook page and event “as a joke”, well somebody took him seriously, a lot of somebodies.

At one point 1.6 million people had clicked “going” to the event.

This man literally convinced over a million people to express a desire to break into a heavily gaurded, “top secret”, government facility to “see them aliens” but yet he’s not looked upon as a threat to national security.

If I reach in my pocket during a traffic stop a police officer would feel threatened enough to shoot me without hesitation, but this caucasian man can incite millions to raid an Air Force military base and it’s just a “joke”?

Area 51, Mr. Roberts, and them damn ‘aliens’ can kiss my black ass. Am I surprised? Not at all, America has never and will never treat melanated people like human beings. As long as the ‘system of white supremacy’ – which aims to dominate all melanated people in the known universe out of the fear of genetic annihilation – is able to continue its reign of terror on humanity and the planet then we should expect racist behaviors, systems, governments and prepare ourselves accordingly.

Particularly in America, caucasians get ‘free passes’ to murder black people in the name law & order, commit heinous sex crimes and get elected as government officials and presidents, steal billions of dollars by way of ‘white collar crimes’ and receive minor consequences, and this list could go on forever.

The point, in case your still in disbelief, the people in charge of America are racist white supremacists that will always see a caucasian inciting millions to storm Area 51 as a joke before they will ever see Black man or woman as a human being.

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