They’ll Never Admit Sphinx On Mars & Faces On Moon Are Clues To Ancient Black Civilizations

(Left) Zoomed in photo ‘Sphinx-like figure’ on Mars (Right) Sphinx of Giza

Let’s be real, they won’t even admit when caucasian police officers are guilty of murder even with audio/visual evidence and multiple credible witnesses. Do you think they’ll ever admit that the original people of this earth are black, and are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe and have lived on other planets besides earth?

To be fair, the pictures people are using to make the case of ‘civilizations on other planets’ are terrible. You can see where ‘conspiracy theorists’ are getting this idea from, but to base the entire claim off of a few shady photos is not a strong argument. However, you do have to ask yourself, if NASA had high quality images proving there were civilizations on other planets do you really think they would release them to the public?

Really think about it. The ‘system of white supremacy’ has rewritten history to suit their agendas: they claim the Egyptians were ‘white’, the people of the Bible including Jesus were ‘white’, humans were not civilized until some smart ‘white people’ blessed the earth with Greek philosophy, evolution caused monkeys to turn into black people which evolved into the ‘superior white race’, anyone who doesn’t submit or support ‘white supremacist’ religion or philosophies is savage and uncivilized. With that being said, is it realistic to expect NASA, the U.S. Government or any other caucasian based organization to tell the ‘truth’ about their ‘discoveries’? Especially information that adds to the inferiority complex that resides deep with the collective consciousness of the caucazoid?

Photo of ‘Face’ on the Moon
Nasa’s photo is apparently proof that Apollo 20 did occur – the cigar-shaped object circled is actually the ancient spaceship that Rutledge and fellow astronauts found on their mission in 1976 – Scott C Waring and NASA
Photo of “Alien Woman” on Apollo 20 named Mona Lisa by the internet. (notice the thick lips and black hair)

So even if the current available pictures of a sphinx on mars, pyramids on mars, or faces on the moon are sketchy at best, does it mean that the claims of civilizations on other planets are false? No it doesn’t.

There are ancient references on stone tablets and wall writings that seem to ‘beings’ bringing civilization and supreme knowledge to earth from other planets. Look at the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians (which were all black civilizations). These ‘beings’ have been referred to as the Annunaki. People have tried to decode these references found in ancient black civilizations such as the famous Zecharia Sitchin who “believes that the Annunaki genetically engineered modern day humans by crossbreeding with homo erectus. They did this to use humans as a slave race in order to mine gold from the earth.

Even if Sitchin was right (I don’t believe he is, although his books do provide some useful information), those “humans” that were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials with crossbreeding would have to be the original man and woman, which we know from anthropology would be the black man and woman. Caucasian genetics just appeared on the Earth less then 7,000 years ago according to National Geographic, so there’s no way they would’ve been descendants of galaxy traveling ‘beings’.

Personally, I think the black race, the archetype of humanity from which all human varieties came, are an intergalactic species that’s existed for trillions of years and has lived on a plethora of planets. To make it simple, we are the “extraterrestrials”. Our genetics demonstrate we are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the universe called melanin. We are literally physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe, so if we’re all that, wouldn’t it be extremely likely we’ve lived on other planets?

There are ‘wonders of the world’ that caucasians have yet to have explanations for. Is it because their less than 7,000 years of earthly experience has left them ignorant to such realizations? Or is it because they know the truth about us and they understand in order to maintain a ‘system of white supremacy’ it is necessary to keep the melanated people of this planet in ignorance about our cosmic origins.

All this to say, those blurry pictures that show a sphinx on mars, pyramids on mars, or faces on the moon are used to increase skepticism about the reality of civilizations on other planets. Like I said in the beginning, even if they had HD photos proving advanced civilizations were on other planets they would never show it. So they’ll keep releasing sketchy photos to create endless debates without actually providing concrete evidence exposing what’s really going on out there.