Black Millennials Are Leaving The Job Market And Finding Success With Entrepreneurship And Internet Based Opportunities

As companies are downsizing due to the massive advancements of the information age, unemployment has skyrocketed. So now you have a situation where the young people who are joining the work force are competing with experienced and tenured workers for the same opportunities.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is if you’re black.

Reniqua Allen also explores this topic in her recent article “The Missing Black Millennial“. She says:

But though black millennials have much in common with their white peers, there are important distinctions. In almost all areas of life, the deck is stacked even higher against us, in part due to historical discrimination and in part because of inequities unique to the millennial era. By many measures, black millennials are behind. We lag in terms of employment, wages, and attaining “good jobs.” We have less wealth, live in poverty more. Even when we try to do something positive like go to college, we have to take on higher amounts of student debt. And then we still end up with fewer job prospects than our white counterparts.

In America, at most major companies, the higher you go up the chain of command the less melanated it gets. Usually the ‘boss’ or the ‘bosses boss’ is white. Sound familiar?

So with companies downsizing at exponential rates the middle-class caucasians who’ve enjoyed the privilege of being ‘secure‘ in their ‘good paying jobs‘ are being forced into the job market. That’s why you’ll notice people like a former operations plant manager working as a clerk at a grocery store.

How can a young black man looking for a job, while living under a institutionalized system of white supremacy, compete with the masses of middle age caucasians who are flooding the job market due to downsizing?

There’s limited opportunities for the black millennials in the job market today.

We had to figure out new and creative ways to generate income. These days, it’s not strange at all to run into young black millennials who have created their own stream of income outside of the traditional job market.

Many of us own businesses, monetized YouTube channels, trade stocks or forex, revenue generating music careers, etc. Black millennials are constantly being pressured into innovation, more of us are figuring out that there is no future in willingly slaving for someone else’s company especially while there are so many lucrative opportunities around.

Many of us have families to take care of and their needs don’t stop just because “the white man ain’t hiring us”. We’ve retreated to our natural ability to make something out of nothing and create livable streams of income of our gifts and talents.

The future for us in our imagination. We have discovered how to imagine, manifest and monetize. To the older generation, finding a ‘good secure job’ is the key to financial success and adulthood. We found a better way. This way, allows us to be who we want to be and do it how we want to do it.

Once again as a community we’ve turned a tragedy into a treat. Although we may have been bullied out of the job market, we are actually finding more success and happiness through our own independent ventures.

We are much closer to living our best lives than the old racist bastards that use their privilege to get that raggedy ass job over us. We have found the tools to acquire financial freedom outside of the workforce who rejects us, while they desperately hold on to their soon-to-be-extinct job titles.