Wed. Jan 29th, 2020


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‘White Supremacy’ Is The Greatest Threat To Humanity, You Know It But Won’t Talk About It.

Even in 2019, the entire planet earth is currently dominated by a global system of white supremacy, but why won’t you talk about it?

Neely Fuller Jr., the mentor of the great psychologist Frances Cress Welsing, maintains that there is a system of white supremacy that dominates all non-white people of the known universe, in all areas of activity (Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War).

A white supremacist believes that people classified as white are superior to people classified as non-white in all areas of activity. This ideology ignites a system of white supremacy, which is designed to cater to people classified as white at the expense of everyone else.

Being classified as white doesn’t automatically make you a white supremacist, but being an active beneficiary of the system of white supremacy while simultaneously maintaining an attitude of plausible deniability does make you a white supremacist.

If you turn your head to enjoy the pleasantries of white supremacy while non-white people suffer globally in all areas of activity you are a white supremacist, whether you realize or not. In other words, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

There is no area on planet earth that the system of white supremacy can not access and manipulate for its own purposes. The entire planet has been subjugated by the evils of white supremacy, turning a once abundant planet of peace and plenty into a giant prison for melanated people. Whether you are in America, Africa, China, Australia, even the North Pole, you need to clear any major decisions with a white supremacist before you move forward.

Every time someone or a country decides to “do what they want to do” a white supremacist will activate a campaign to destroy that agenda.

There are military bases controlled by white supremacist in every corner of the globe. They have technology that can spy on anyone in the planet at anytime.

So if there is a global system that subjugates all non-white people of the known universe in all areas of activity, why don’t people want to talk about it? To take it even further, why are there non-white and white people that swear to death there is no such thing as this global system when the evidence is so obvious?

Here are 4 reasons why you won’t talk about the system of white supremacy:

  1. You live in paralyzing fear of the system of white supremacy. You are afraid that you will lose what little breadcrumbs you’ve been allowed to have and what little freedoms you’ve been given to enjoy. You will obey the hand that feeds you because you are unable to feed yourself without the system of white supremacy. In some cases, you fear if you don’t obey the system of white supremacy you may lose your job, your house, even your life. This fear makes you obey and never even rebel in your mind, you become a complete slave. Mind, body, and soul.
  2. You are in an interracial relationship with someone classified as white. You won’t stand up against the system of white supremacy because in doing you may offend your partner, even lose them. If you have children with the person classified as white, it becomes even more difficult to boldly denounce the system of white supremacy because you would be denouncing your child’s white parent. So you allow your white partner to dominate the household with his/her culture and philosophies while you sit back and keep quiet because being your own true black self is offensive, in a European dominated household, especially if you’re partner benefits off of the system of white supremacy.
  3. You think that white people are God. After a lifetime of brainwashing by media, school and church (not to mention the pending psychological traumas from slavery and modern racism), you’ve come to accept the white race as your personal lord and savior. You believe all things good must come from the white race and no one else. Like the old saying goes, “the white man’s ice is always colder.”
  4. You benefit off of the system of white supremacy. You may have a good paying job or a position of stature and authority in the system of white supremacy and this discourages you from realizing the truth. Or even worse, you know the truth, but you’re just happy to not be one of the non-whites at the bottom of the totem pole that feel the pain from the system of white supremacy. You’re willing to sell out an entire planet of non-white people affected by the system of white supremacy so you can enjoy a few trinkets and spend a few dollars.