Leaked FBI Documents Say Black People Are Bigger Threat Than White Terrorism

White Supremacists commit violent acts of mass murder on a regular basis, yet black people are targeted by the FBI and agents are sent into our organizations to dismantle them.

According to an article by The Young Turks (tyt.com) there has been documents leaked that are “Law Enforcement Sensitive” showing the FBI’s plans to dismantle ‘Black Identity Extremists’. Click here to read the documents.

The program they will use to help maintain their system of white supremacy is called “Iron Fist”, according to the article it is a plan to send agents within the black community to search and destroy any type group effort striving for black empowerment or justice.

This is a futuristic version of the methods put forth in the Willie Lynch letter. Keep the black folks separated at all times, and if they do get together, make sure there is a spy that will report all of the details back to ‘massa’.

There are other groups included but apparently ‘BIE’s’ are at the top of the list.

Keep in mind that the documents do NOT contain a single shred of evidence concerning ‘Black Extremismist Violence’, yet they have several major examples of ‘White Supremacists’ committing heinous acts of violence.

Last month the FBI told Senate Democrats that it had dropped the term “Black Identity Extremist” in favor of one that isn’t race-specific.

Even though they’ve now changed the name they haven’t changed the targeted demographic.

This is nothing new. What would you expect? This is Amerikkka.