Dame Dash Talks Entreprenuership: “There’s No Security In Having A Boss”

Damon “Dame” Anthony Dash, is a Black American entrepreneur, record executive, film producer, director, actor and much more.

If anyone could give some solid advice about business or entrepreneurship it would be somebody like him.

Dame talks about how there is nothing secure about depending on a ‘boss’. People who enjoy getting told what to do and having a schedule and protocol set by someone else should my certainly stay at their job.

On the other hand, people who enjoy the freedom of choice and pride of ownership end up getting a much bigger piece of the pie than the employee.

Dame explains the difference between people who have a boss and people who don’t with a metaphor about dogs.

“If there’s like a wild dog, and he has to literally eat the food he kills, he can not eat unless he kills something that day. And there’s a dog that’s tamed, he lives in the house but he has 3 squares meals a day, and he gotta do tricks, he gets petted, he get kicked out, he gets beat, he gotta get walked, he walks on a leash. When that dog comes in the room with the wild dog, the wild dog is laughing. He doesn’t care that you’re in a mansion, he doesn’t care that you eat steak everyday. He still thinks you’re a herb, he knows you’re a herb. He knows he can take from you because he knows he has to kill everyday to eat.”