Dope: Tekken 7’s New Character Is A Black Man With Dreadlocks

All of you black gamers should be excited about Tekken 7’s newest addition. They say he’s supposed to be something like ‘Ip Man’, but the black version.

A popular gaming site, Rock Paper Shotgun, shares some details about the new character and his storyline in the game:

Barnstorming punch ‘em up Tekken 7 is getting a new knuckle sandwich artist, developers Bandai Namco have announced. He’s a calm-looking martial fightist who lost his family in a gang conflict in New York and went missing for 50 years, only to reappear in the following videogame trailer at fighting game championship EVO 2019. It looks like he’s been hanging out in Hong Kong, because he’s basically Donnie Yen’s Ip Man but with shades and dreadlocks. Anyway, he’s back “for revenge”. Which is what we all want, deep down inside, really.

Skip to 2:30 in the trailer below to see him in action.