Where You Been? America Has Always Believed In ‘White Supremacy’, Nothing New

Since the recent mass shootings committed by white supremacists it seems like everyone is talking about ‘white supremacy’ as if it’s something new.

Since the first pale faced arrived on the shores of this continent now called America the ‘immigrants’ had one agenda, ‘white supremacy’.

Their mission was to remove the indigenous people from the land, sabotage any avenues of power the indigenous people may have had, capitalize off of their demise, and ultimately keep the control of the lands in the hands of ‘white’ people.

It was never about equality, love, peace and harmony. Mass murders and genocidal behaviors are as American as apple pie. Some folks are acting like this just started last week.

Here’s what’s really going on. Now that white people, including the president of the United States, are talking about ‘white supremacy’ it seems now EVERYONE wants to finally address it as if it’s a new issue.

Years ago most politicians, celebrities, and other public figures were terrified to talk about the system of white supremacy which permeates every aspect of American life.

Mostly because they all worked for white people (which may have been white supremacists) and that would have been a severe conflict of interest which could result in employment termination.

Now the people who believed ‘racism was in the past’ and ‘white supremacist only wear klan outfits’ are seeing the truth every single day. It’s not just hearsay. You can now see it crystal clear in HD on all major social media platforms. A simple scroll through your timeline can show you the ugly truth.

You see the mass shootings committed by white supremacist. You see the murders of innocent melanated people by white supremacist police. You see the American president say or do something belligerently racist almost every 15 minutes. This pattern is persistent throughout all areas of America, perhaps the entire world. So wake up people. The practice of white supremacy, aka white domestic terrorism, is nothing new. You’ve just finally gotten permission from your ‘massa’ to talk about it now.