Philly Shooting Was A Set Up: Black Man Framed, Fake Blood, And More…

Photo Source: Neighbor Door Cam Recording Screenshot

Recently there was standoff between a black man and the Philadelphia police that began Wednesday when officers attempted to serve a drug warrant. Was it legit or a set up?

According to Philadelphia’s ABC 6 News, “A gunman barricaded himself inside a Philadelphia rowhouse for seven hours, firing on police and wounding six in a dramatic standoff that trapped two officers all while the commissioner and the shooter’s attorney tried to negotiate a surrender.

It looks like the police were serving a warrant, when no once came to the door they let themselves in, only to find Maurice Hill ready to protect himself from stormtroopers invading his home. The police claim they were ‘ambushed’, but how is that so if they outnumber Hill at least 6 to 1?

Now every media outlet in America has the public feeling sorry for the police who invaded a mans home, not the man who reacted in self defense to a tsunami of police swarming around his house.

I get it though, most people can’t understand how police swarming a black man’s house is one of the most life-threatening, terrorizing experiences one can have.

It is definitely a scenario where you could either defend yourself, or surrender yourself to a racist white supremacist judicial system which will try everything in its power to lock you up forever or kill you. No one cares about Hill’s perspective because the media has done an excellent job at broadcasting his criminal history rather than his humanity.

Philadelphia has had a history of police raids ‘gone wrong’, where things weren’t done by the books, this situation looks like another one of those times. Billy Penn reports “For now, it remains unclear whether the North 15th Street warrant was done by the books. Law enforcement experts question whether it could have been prevented with better planning.

To make matters more suspicious, a video surfaced that’s all over the internet by now showing what looks to be police running away from the action pouring fake blood on themselves.

Some people have suggested the police man poured iodine on a fellow injured officer, and that there’s ‘no reason’ for the police to lie and use ‘fake blood’. No reason to do what? Lie? About details that could be used in a court of law to convict a black man? It’s not like it has been happening for hundreds of years or anything, smh.

You look at the videos for yourself and see what you come up with.

Either way, this all seems like a set up to distract the world from the ills of ‘white supremacy’. With the recent mass shootings, and suspicious deaths happening there is a lot of attention towards the system of white supremacy and I’m sure it’s making some people uncomfortable and exposed.

So it seems like figured if they create an internet frenzy over a ‘black’ shooter that would make ‘public shootings’ appear like a ‘human’ problem and not a white supremacy problem.

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