The ‘9 to 5’ Is The Modern Day Slave Plantation, Will You Free Yourself?

We may not be in the ‘field’ all day, but by having a ‘job’ we are building wealth for everyone else besides us.

You may say, “if I don’t have a job how will I pay my bills?”. This is the wrong question.

We don’t need jobs, we need income. There are many ways to acquire income, especially in today’s society. Having a job is the absolutely worst way to get money. It’s the most taxed, you work the hardest to get it, and you do all the work so someone else can get the profits. Sound familiar?

The difference between the new plantation and the old one is now we willingly ask to be their slave, as opposed to back then there was no choice. In reality, we are asking the same people who enslaved our forefathers for a job. This is ludicrous. Yes there are many black business owners out there. However, this perspective is coming from the reality of most black people working for corporations who are ultimately owned by white people.

How is the ‘9 to 5’ the modern day plantation?

  • We do the manual labor that creates the products and performs the services yet we receive a microscopic portion of the profits.
  • Most employees can barely afford to survive while the owners of these corporations live in wealth and abundance.
  • The supervisors, managers, and ‘bosses’ are the modern overseer.
  • The stress and strain of working long hours for someone else causes physical and mental problems. Oftentimes employees are overworked and under-compensated.
  • Because we spend so much time on the ‘job’ we lose time to educate and care for our own children

The way to escape this tragedy is by building streams of income that exceed our liabilities. Robert Kiyosaki talks about this in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Basically, we need to make more money than we spend, then recycle the extra money to grow our assets.

There are plenty of resources out there that can help you figure out how to create assets and multiple streams of income. It all comes down to if you have the will to shift your focus from finding a ‘better job’ to looking for ways you could empower yourself with talents and skills you may have. The choice is yours.