Sat. Jan 25th, 2020


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Black teen runs out store with a beer, shot outside by clerk and left to die

17-year-old Dorian Harris was shot outside of ‘Top Stop Shop’ in Memphis, Tennessee and left to die in a nearby yard for 2 days because he walked out with a $2 beer.

Left: Store Clerk, Anwar Ghazali Right: Dorian Harris

The grocery clerk, Anwar Ghazali, that took it upon himself to be judge, juror, and executioner of 17-year-old Dorian Harris over a $2 beer was just convicted for second-degree murder after a 4 day trial according to a CNN report.

The shooting originally happened in March 2018, after 17-year-old Dorian Harris walked out of the Top Stop Shop with a $2 beer without paying.

His corpse was found 2 days later in a yard close to the store where he was shot, with bullet wounds in the back of his thigh.

The CNN report goes on to summarize the incident, “Security video of the incident played in court shows that Ghazali, while behind the counter dealing with another customer, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Harris. He then ran outside to follow the teen and fired several times.Afterward, he returned to the store and told a witness, “I think I shot him.” He did not call the police, and neither did any other customer inside the store, WMC reported.

Dorian Harris was left to die, no one in the store or in the immediate area bothered to call 911 or investigate the situation. “His body was found two days later in a yard near the store with gunshots in the back of his thigh…“.

As of now, Ghazali is scheduled to be sentenced on September 23.