How To Combine Dreadlocks: 3 Ways You Can Try For Little To No Money

When it comes to combining locs it’s much easier to do so sooner then later.

That’s why its important to have an expectation for your loc journey. If you know in advance how thick you want your locs to be you can plan accordingly.

By the way, your dreadlock expectations need to align with your hair texture. You can’t expect to have thick locs if your hair texture doesn’t support that. Be realistic.

There are 3 commonly used methods to combine locs.

The natural way, letting your locs combine on their own. Looping one loc through the base of another and letting them grow together from that point. For people with matured locs already or impatient people, using rubber bands can potentially speed up the combining process tremendously. 

The Natural Way

This is by far the easiest way. Ironically, it’s the most looked over method. Why? I think it’s because most people don’t have the patience for it. It takes years for locs to mature and combine in certain ways.

Basically all you would do is let your fro grow and separate the coils or locs that you don’t want to combine and leave the rest alone. As time goes on you’ll notice certain locs forming thicker roots and they will continue to grow in thick.

Looping Through The Base

This way is particularly beneficial for people with medium to long locs that want to combine their hair. As you seen in the video, if you loop through the tip of one dreadlock through the base of another they will essentially combine. From the point where the loop began, that area will now form the base of one loc instead of 2 or more.

Be careful when you do this to not rip out hairs at the base of the locs where you are looping through. This will cause damage to the foundation if you do. You may want to make sure you hair is a little damp, this help protect against breakage.

This method will not combine the tips but the base instead. Keep this in mind.

Using Rubber Bands

This method is one of the few ways you can combine matured locs all the way to the tips. You can use small rubber bands to combine locs by strategically placing the rubber bands around a group of locs. You’re definitely  going to want start at the roots, this will speed up the combining process.

Then you’re going to want to put the rubber bands close enough that all of the locs that you want to combine are always touching each other. This is important because if they aren’t touching they will not combine.

Please understand, the locs aren’t going to just morph into one loc. It is a very slow process of loose hairs from one loc getting tangled with loose hairs from other locs to the point they will eventually be tangled together and look like one.