Stop Claiming To Be ‘Kings And Queens’ If You’re Not Actively Leveling Up Your Life

Yes we know all about how black people are the original humans and the founders of civilization, we were ‘Kings and Queens’, but what are YOU doing with your ‘melanin magic’?

This was something I personally struggled with for a long time, and I didn’t realize there was a problem until I started doing some serious self-assessments. I was “woke” according to some artificial standard. Meaning I knew all about how great melanin was and the African origin of this and that and I was satisfied with portraying the character of someone deep but in reality, I wasn’t that deep or spiritual. I had simply memorized some enlightening quotes, started using keywords common in afrocentric lecturers, and wore more clothes with African designs. Although it looked like I was ‘black power every hour for the rebel in you’, I was really boosting my ego.

One day it occurred to me that I knew so much about black history, world history, science, metaphysics, and melanin but it had no impact on my every day life. Learning about how we built the pyramids only boosted my ego rather then inspire me to black excellence. This bothered me a lot because it was at this moment I realized that I wasn’t being real with myself, and I had to fix it.

Instead of putting on a “woke” costume, I decided to truly start reprogramming my subconscious to adjust my internal perception of my actual potential based off of the evidence supporting the claim of black people being the archetype of humanity and founder of civilization. This was not easy.

There were three things I did to accomplish this: created a personal mantra, listened to repetitive lectures of similar subjects by different teachers, and connected the dots to things I’ve learned to real life occurrences. This is how I started to have an internal change, instead of just an external one. I am truly restructuring my consciousness to reflect that I am a physical manifestation of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe, and there’s nothing I should be afraid of or nothing I can’t do because the universe is mental and the mind is all.

It’s up to you to find out what technique you should be using to reprogram mind to empower your life. The point is, stop bragging about the black excellence of the past if your current consciousness is not on a path to excellence. It’s useless. Your real purpose for learning should be to have a self transformation, not an ego trip. So yes, we are gods. Now it’s time we act like it and stop selling wolf tickets to prove ‘how deep we are’.