Women Lose Attraction And Respect For Men Who Get Off Their Purpose And Become Beta Males

The fastest way to lose your woman is to spend more time trying to ‘Netflix and chill’ and chasing validation from her rather than focusing on your purpose in life.

Fellas, oftentimes when we get the woman we really want we start focusing all on her instead of our purpose. This doesn’t make us bad guys, but when we do this it does put us in a Beta male category. When your woman views you as a beta male it has extremely negative effects on the relationship and how she relates to you.

As time goes on, you’ll start to notice she doesn’t respond to you like she use to, she stops initiating physical contact, and she seems less and less attracted to you. This is because while you were spending all of your time trying be up under her, focusing all of your energies on her, you forgot to maintain your grind towards your goals. You stopped being the alpha male that she was initially attracted to.

Now your value as a man and a life partner has dropped significantly because you got off your purpose to ‘Netflix and chill’. This is the fastest to get a woman bored with you and to lose all attraction.

If we’ve really found the woman of our dreams of course we want to be around her, cuddled up, and intimate with her all the time. We just can’t forget to progress ourselves in the process. No matter how beautiful, lovely, funny, or attractive she is we have to stay on our purpose in order to provide for ourselves and that woman. Instead of getting the confidence from our personal self-improvement we try to replace it with her validation. In other words, we start to need her to tell us we are important instead of us actually being important.

We get mad that our women stop celebrating us after a while but if we haven’t been focusing on our purpose and closing in on our goals, what is there to celebrate?

I know most woman say that want attention all the time, but what they really want is a man focused on his purpose. Why?

A man focused on his purpose is always placing himself in a better position to be a provider and protecter, while the man constantly chasing validation from his woman is going broke and getting fat trying to Netflix and chill. A man focused on his purpose is always busy, which gives the woman time and space to actually miss him, while the man who’s solely focused on the woman is probably being over-bearing and is smothering the fire right out of the relationship. A man focused on his purpose is extremely confident because he is reaching new personal plateaus on a regular basis, while the beta male is comfortable with mediocrity and needs his woman to assure him on a regular basis.

The moral of the story is, if you really want to keep your woman then you must stay more focused on your purpose than you are focused on her. Staying on your purpose will keep you constantly improving, making more money, staying healthy, and confident. If you are doing all of those things your woman will be forced to treat you like an alpha male, and you won’t have to worry about her losing attraction or respect for you. Stay on your purpose fellas.

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