3 Tips To Grow Thicker Locs

Many people who are starting their locs or in the middle of their journey want to know how to grow thick locs. These are some easy to remember tips to anyone who wants to know. Remember that hair type and texture plays a major role in the outcome of any dreadlock journey. Nonetheless these 3 tips should help just about anyone grow thicker locs.

1. Twist less, Wait more.

There is a huge misconception that dreadlocks are formed by twisting hair into a rope-like structure, then holding it in place with some form of gel or wax. This may be common, but oftentimes it is not necessary. If your hair texture requires that you use massive amounts of chemicals to get your locs to stay in place then chances are you may not be destined for the journey in which you desire to partake. Kinky, wooly type texture of hair found in most people of African descent can form dreadlocks without much effort. Dreadlocks are simply matted hair, essentially ropes of knots. The curlier the hair, the faster the process occurs. Separating locs to a desired size is much more necessary then twisting and if you feel the need to twist it should be on a minimal basis. You’ll find your dreadlocks becoming thicker the more you leave them alone .

2. Keep your hair clean.

Having dirty dreadlocks slows down hair growth tremendously. Some dreadheads have claimed that not washing their hair keeps “oil & minerals” in their hair, this is completely erroneous. Speaking from experience, my hair seemed to lock up much faster the cleaner it was. Not only that, if you have you a lot of chemicals and build up in your hair it constricts the locs and prevents any expansion of the locs that happens naturally during the growth process. This is the primary reason why the only products I leave in my hair are natural oils; no gels, no waxes, no cream.

3. Avoid hats, beanies, tight-fitting tams, bandanas, du-rags, etc.

If you want your hair to grow thicker it needs the room to do so. Wearing tight fitting head apparel can take you farther away from your goal. If you are worried about losing natural oils on your pillow at night then by a satin pillowcase, but try to avoid wrapping your hair. Loose fitting tams will not be a problem. If you have to cover your hair for work, sports or anything else then do what you have to do. Make sure you remove the head wrap as soon as possible. In other words, I’m expressing that your hair needs to space to breathe, if you want thicker locs you will need to give them room to grow.

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