Houston School Administrators Color Black Student’s Hair With Marker, And Laugh About It

According to a report by USA Today, Parents of a 13-year-old Berry Miller Junior High (Houston, TX) student are filing a federal civil-rights lawsuit after being informed their child was forced to allow school administrators to color in his “M” design on his haircut with a permanent marker.

The student was told by three administrators that his haircut violated the school’s dress code policy and that he had three choices; call mom, receive some form of disciplinary action, or color in the design. The young boy then chose the last option.

According to the lawsuit that was filed, the administrators colored in his hair design with permanent marker then laughed while the boy was “intensely humiliated and ashamed”.

Although the school district hasn’t officially responded to the lawsuit, they have said that an administrator “mishandled” the situation and that the practice of using a marker on a child’s head “is not condoned by the district and does not align with appropriate measures for dress code violations.”