Natural Black Hair Is The Most Beautiful Expression Of Melanin Magic

Locs are the manifestation of melanin magic materialized through the hair follicles of blackness to bloom beyond boundaries and limitations.

Jason Williams,

As you begin to go deeper into the wonders of melanin and how melanated people are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe you start to see how magical our hair really is.

Melanin is the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the universe and that’s what is in our hair.

Our “nappy hair” is essentially electrical antennas that help with receiving and sending signals out into and from the cosmos. In other words, they are spiritual antennas. Only the original human, the black man and woman, have the genetic capacity to have these antennas. They are a prerequisite of being the archetype of humanity.

Obviously there a plenty of non-black people in the world with black colored hair, but it is not the same as afro-textured hair. This is why it so heartbreaking to hear black people talk so negatively about their own hair, as if having natural, afro-textured black hair is some sort of a genetic defect. It’s truly the opposite.

Our hair carries electricity, defies gravity, and reaches for the sun like every other natural living organism. It has internal value as well as external.

Limiting the magnificence of our hair to a physical perception is a crime. Rather than just focusing on how our hair looks we should look into what our hair actually does, and how could use this knowledge in our lives.

Natural black hair is definitely one of if not the most beautiful expressions of melanin magic; it’s spontaneous, beautiful, creative, rebellious, revolutionary, inspiring, magical. We are walking reflections of the universe, and our hair is certainly our crown.

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