Sat. Jan 25th, 2020


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Loc’d & Loaded: Natural Hair Show Hosting 25th Annual Conference In Philadelphia

“Loc’d & Loaded” is this years theme for the 25th Annual International Locks Conference being held in Philadelphia. It is “loc’d on celebrating natural hair, cultural heritage, health, and family connections, and loaded with valuable information, resources, and goods and services.”

One of the first cultural natural hair shows in America was founded in 1994 by The Kuumba Family Institute in Philadelphia. The Annual International Locks Conference(AILC) Natural Hair, Wholistic Health and Beauty Expo has been gaining momentum over the past 25 years to become a symbol of black culture, black hair, and black life. This years theme of “Natural Formation: Loc’d & Loaded” is reflective of the melanated demographic resisting the traditions of our oppressors and returning to a natural consciousness, our proper indigenous mind. Featured in the Expo will be guest speakers such as but not limited to Proff Griff, Sunni Patterson, & Fred Hampton, Jr. There will also be many exciting activities and events: Live Music, Free Fashion Show, Panel Discussions, A Cultural Marketplace, Vegan Cuisine and more! Go to for more information.