Women Tolerate Beta Males, But Aggressively Pursue Alpha Males

Women who wear the pants in relationships have a low attraction level for the submissive men they date, and often look for an Alpha Male to fill the void.

Woman who ‘wear the pants’ in a relationship often have low attraction levels and low interest levels in their male partner. Usually woman assume the dominate role in a relationship when the man has a scarcity mindset and his entire narrative is based on a ‘fear of loss’. Meaning because he believes in his heart he will never find another woman as beautiful or wonderful as the woman he has now, he’ll do anything she wants with hopes of inspiring her to stay in the relationship. There’s nothing wrong with a man loving and providing for his woman, that part isn’t the problem.

The problem comes when the woman he is loving and providing for can ‘get away with murder’ and the man won’t challenge the woman because he has a ‘fear of loss’ mindset. That type of man, a beta male provider, would rather be humiliated and disrespected then stand up to his woman and risk being single. In other words, the man who has a scarcity mindset must completely submit to his woman and in this process his masculine energy is slowly drained away until he’s nothing more than a non-attractive, docile, beta male provider.

This type of man’s value to a woman is equivalent to what he provides for her. If he were to lose his income, or material luxuries the woman would have no more use for him. She stopped liking who he was as an individual a long time ago when he gave up his masculine frame, which she was initially attracted to.

In this type of situation a woman really only has two choices. Either she will continue to dominate the beta male provider and tolerate an unsatisfying relationship in the name of securing resources or start looking outside the relationship for alpha male who can please her in ways the beta male can’t.

The alpha male always maintains a masculine frame and operates from an abundance mindset, he knows he has options because his value is high. He is always focused on his purpose in life more than he’s focused on any woman, at any time. Ironically this is what keeps women attracted to alpha males. Alpha men are high value men that are constantly developing and increasing their worth, in the dating world they call this ‘high sexual market value’.

Alpha males will never submit to a woman at the expense of straying off of their purpose. Securing multiple streams of income, staying healthy, and having a piece of mind will always come before an alpha male caters to a woman. Alpha males spend time with their woman or women during the limited time they have away from working on their career, finances, or self-improvement. Not because women aren’t important to alpha males, but a prerequisite of being an alpha male is being purpose driven. Reaching the greater goal is more important to an alpha male then anything else.

So since alpha males are typically unavailable, it encourages a woman to maximize the time spent and appreciate the opportunity, rather then waste time playing games. Even alpha males who have a family are still maintaining an abundance mindset, a high level of confidence, and constant progression. This in turn keeps the wife interested, engaged, and pursuing because she knows he is a high value man that other women want but can not have.

An alpha male never has to worry about his woman being ‘taken’ by another man because his value is so high, his masculine energy is strong and his aura is so attractive that he receives consistent validation from his woman that he is a prize, without him asking for it.

Meanwhile, beta male providers are oozing with insecurities because they aren’t “man enough” to earn a woman’s praises. This breeds low confidence levels and even more submission to the woman which completely destroys all attraction and interest from the woman. Next thing you know, while the beta male is out at work or whatever, wifey is waiting on an alpha male to slide through and give her a dose of manliness that she never gets at home.

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