Opening Your “Third Eye” Before You’re Spiritually Aligned Is Dangerous

According to YouTuber SPIRITUAL So don’t open your “third eye” if:

  • You Eat Meat: you will feel the energy and experiences from the dead animal.
  • You Love Your 9 To 5: you’re going to realize you’ve wasted your time and all of these years slaving for someone. You’re going to want to do your own thing.
  • You Love Partying With Friends: you’re not going to want to hang out with anyone being self destructive and participating in low vibration conversation.
  • You Love Sports: you’ll spend more time questioning the games then actually enjoying them. Your mind will be on a higher frequency then sports, you’ll see it’s nothing but a distraction.
  • You Think You’re Smart Because You Got All A’s And B’s: you’ll realize everything you learned in school was to train you for servitude and all the history they told you was lies.
  • You Love Going To Church: you’ll see everything they told you about God and bible was a lie and you’ll never go back. You’ll be able to see the truth for yourself and find the answers you seek.

Opening your “third eye” is indeed a precious and empowering experience, but it’s equally important to make sure you are ready for the wave of sensations and information that follows. If you’re not ready, it could be dangerous.

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