Blind Faith In Religion Destroys Our Ability To Critically Think For Ourselves

A lot of people get very emotional when it comes to discussing religion, or the topic or concept of just who or what God is. This subject typically invokes a deep sense of passion amongst people willing to participate in this particular discussion. Sometimes the passion and emotion amongst the participants are able to be controlled, and credible, verifiable information is able to be exchanged. However most of my encounters with religious folk can usually be described and generalized in a saying that I use frequently: There are three things that make men stupid; sports, sex, and religion (the last two aforementioned categories not necessarily being gender specific).

A big part of the reason I believe this is so is because the human ego has a need, and somewhat of a compulsion for inclusion, as well as reaffirmation. When entrenched in an ideological position based off of the subconscious and unchecked need and /or compulsion to belong to a group, most people will flatly cast aside logic, rationale, and even morality. I don’t think that there are many people who would state on record, in public, in a conversation amongst friends, family, or otherwise, that the arbitrary dismissal of morality and ‘common’ sense based solely off of allegiance or loyalty to a group is a ‘good ‘ thing. In fact, anyone who has any knowledge of world history and/or current events could effectively make the case that allegiance to groups, orders, fraternities, etc. and the dogmas, creeds, and ideologies held within them have been undermining the progress of mankind for centuries.

If we are to take a deeper look and explore a few examples, we can see how damaging the effects of the human ego’s quest for belonging and reaffirmation really can be, before turning the spotlight of scrutiny towards religion. Let’s take “trap” music for example. Most would agree that murder and selling drugs to members of your community are immoral acts. However how can we explain the popularity of it and it’s prevalence in the’black’ community? Pretty much every song from every artist consists of nothing more than a compilation of references to cooking or selling crack, the amount of artillery one has and the willingness to use it on another black man, and the level of disregard he has for your fellow sister and black woman, the progenitor of the human race.

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    How can we account for the hypocrisy, if not for a deep rooted, unexamined, psychological compulsion to “fit in” , strong enough to dismiss morality and logic? In order to listen to Michael Jackson, or R. Kelly, one must be willing and able to compartmentalize and put aside the facts, which are that both were accused multiple times of sexually violating minors (via victim testimony and eye witness testimony), and both used their fame, finances, and access equally to facilitate these abuses and to attempt to cover them up. The fame and finances were granted to them by we the people, thus making us co-conspirators. Having young children, that is not a level of compartmentalising that I am willing to go through.

    In order to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat, or support someone wearing one, a person must ask themselves: During what time period, in the United State’s relatively short yet tumultuous period of existence, was the country great, and to which nationality of people? This line of logic and inquiry can and should be extended to every allegiance to any person, group, movement, or religion. In order to be a member of the NOI, you have to be ok with the fact that Elijah Muhammad (usually referred to as “the honorable” ) impregnated multiple underaged women, and attempted to use religious dogma to justify it, as religious leaders often do. You also have to be ok with the fact that him and Louis Farrakhan, with the help of the FBI, sanctioned and facilitated the murder of the Honorable Malcolm X. If you believe that this is conjecture or speculation please read “Black Americans: The FBI Files” by Kenneth O’Reilly and David Gallen.

    If you still disagree that the arbitrary application and/or dismissal of morality based on the subconscious quest for acceptance is not detrimental to humanity, then allow me to direct your attention to one more area of focus: religion. According to (and anyone can Google any random website and compile as many statistics as they want and average them up, exact numbers aren’t necessarily important), as of 2019 the Earth’s population is hovering at about 7.7 billion people. Again, anyone can do this fairly simple research. About 31% of that population is Christian, about 24% Muslim, about 15% Hindu, around 7% Buddhist, and from there the percentages get more miniscule, and are not necessary to convey the message.

    Already, we have vast differences in the concepts of the Creator between large representative samples of the population. Some may argue that the differences are subtle and insignificant; however no intellectual person, no scholar, no scientist, no philosopher, no respectable thinker, would make the assertion, in a room full of likeminded individuals, that minor details are insignificant and unworthy of discussion or scrutiny. On the contrary, what sets great thinkers and great leaders apart from the rest of society is their willingness, perseverance, and competence in applying meticulous levels of scrutiny to what to some would deem the most miniscule and insignificant details, and upon doing so, uncovering great truths or fallacies.

    If you identify yourself as Christian, or a Jew, or a ‘Black’ Hebrew Israelite, it means that not only do you subscribe to the Bible’s ‘history’ as fact, it means that you subscribe to a particular concept of who and what God is. This concept is based solely on the tyrannical, shortsighted, vindictive, insecure, manipulative yet impulsive version of God in the Old Testament of the Bible, or the Torah, same doctrine.

    If we want to omit the fact that the Bible is nothing more than a compiled book of plagiarized, misunderstood, and purposely distorted papyri found in the coffins of the Pharoahs of Egypt misnomered as “The Book of the Dead”; and you also want to ignore the many different translations and mistranslations that the Bible has undergone, and the many different books that were removed, and we are to focus on and analyze the book that we have in present day 2019, let us proceed with me asking a few simple questions. I am not going to quote scripture, because the purpose of this article is to examine the subconscious of the people who do.

    As a sidenote, I cannot help but amuse myself with the thought of the amount of people who’s comments will suggest or flatly say that I don’t understand the scripture. Allow me to proceed again with a few short inquiries. Why would an all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent entity, create a species, with the sole purpose of being worshipped by that species, but become beleaguered and disappointed and seek retribution when the species fails to meet his required level of gratitude? That theory would have to imply that God failed in his mission, and that mission was motivated by a seemingly humanly desire for gratitude. That theory would also seem to be congruent with the justification of servitude aka slavery, which is also a common theme in the Bible. That theory would also have to imply that the devil interfering with God’s divine creation was either a part of God’s grand scheme, or that the devil has just as much power and influence over mankind as the all powerful God, hence undermining God’s alleged power.

    All of these very logical conclusions lead to even more questions. What is the endgame to the version of God in the Old Testament’s science experiment? At what point will he get tired of slaughtering first born sons, ordering the pillaging and destruction of whole cities, casting plagues and causing floods, and sending saviors to be sacrificed and coming up with proverbial plan B after plan B after plan B? Just to eventually pull the plug on the entire experiment, and finally say to himself, “these people are never going to praise me enough”!?

    If we, for the sake of time, are not to explore how the world was populated by two male offspring from one set of parents (when according to the story no other people were mentioned by name as having been created yet), and fast forward a bit in the fraudulent history of Christianity, I would like still to ask a few more questions. For it seems a bit counterintuitive and contradictory to create a man and woman, tell them to be fruitful and multiply, and simultaneously elect a particular group of people who are supposed to be “his chosen people”, or Hebrews/Israelites/Jews.

    That would also imply again that God either already had this preordained, from the inception of man, or that at some point in history, he decided that he liked one particular group of people in one tiny geographical area of the new world that he just recently created, and that he disfavored all the rest of the people in all of rest of the planet. Again, the latter would suggest very human, impulsive behavior. The questions, inconsistencies, and contradictions just continue to mount. People often like to cherry pick which parts of the Bible are history and factual, and which parts of the Bible aren’t to be taken literally, solely based off of which scriptures are easiest to explain, never realizing the big picture which is that NONE of it is to be taken literal.

    What kind of God (not mortal measly temperamental man), all knowing, all powerful, supposedly merciful God, would condone mass genocide and servitude, simply as a retaliation or a curse for not doing what he wanted in the science experiment? What character traits would you assign to a person who adopts stray dogs, takes them home and feeds them, and when the first dog urinates on the carpet he slaughters all the dogs?!? An equally important question indeed, is what kind of person reads this doctrine and accepts these character traits as the personality of God, without any critical analysis, and adopting it as their CONCEPT OF GOD? Could a rational correlation not be made between a subscription to this doctrine and ridiculously asinine concept of a diety, and the current state of affairs in our world today, where global elitists plan war and destruction for monetary gain, human servitude has been utilized for centuries, and brutal dictatorships, capitalism, and corporately controlled governments are our only examples of leadership? How much partialism, compartmentalizing, logic suspending, and cherry picking through logic must one have to employ in order to believe in these doctrines; And what does their willingness to do so say about them?

    The lowest vibrational frequency in the spectrum of all human emotion is fear. Is fear of burning for eternity in some everlasting inferno what prevents you from using common logic? Is the eternal quest for acceptance and validation what keeps you entrenched in your beliefs, as opposed to firmly rooted in historical and cultural knowledge? Is the fear of criticism from friends and family what deters you from examining a book through the lenses of critical analysis, and being satisfied and pacified with “faith” as an explanation for the unexplainable? If every man in this planet came from a menstruating mother, then why in the religion of Islam are women deemed “unclean”, and prevented from entering the Mosques when doing so? Why are they strictly forbidden from showing any skin in public? To deter infidelity and rape? Why doesn’t the most merciful and gracious Allah just protect the women? Why would he create a species that needs these types of precautions ordained for them, as opposed to just snapping his fingers and creating a species of men not predisposed to violent forms of gender discrimination? Why would the Hindu God Brahma, deem it necessary to devise a BLATANTLY RACIST CASTE SYSTEM, complete with white people or “Brahmins” at the top, and the darkest skinned people at the bottom, known as the “untouchables”.

    If one fails to see the harm in beliefs, based on nothing more than an allegiance to a group or religion, then most likely they will also fail to see the harm and error within their own thought processes in daily life. As true as that may or may not be, as previously shown, there are many millions of people today distributed throughout every level of society, in every level of government and position of leadership imaginable, who proceed through life with these same harmful beliefs. Any organization, movement, religion, or fraternity, that teaches you away from the origins of civilization, which is Africa, and which condones and promotes the degradation of the African/Black woman, is attempting to defraud, deceive, manipulate, and subjugate you. And just as equally, your subscription to and belief in the ideologies held therein makes you complicit in your own oppression. To harken back to a previous article I wrote, there can be no unity while embracing our slavemasters religion, or his concept of a creator. Who ordained for you your concept of God, and why did you believe it?