10 YouTube Channels Every “Conscious” Black Person Should Be Subscribed To

Hopefully, you are using your ‘smart’ phone to do more than make calls, send texts, and browse social media. We live in the information age, there’s no reason to have a lack of knowledge.

YouTube has proven to be an excellent platform for finding information, especially lectures and speeches that have happened in the past or ones that aren’t within traveling distance.

There’s lots of awesome documentaries online that will never be on cable television, Netflix, Hulu or any other major platform. There’s obvious reasons for this…

I’m sure you already have a YouTube account, so here’s a list of YouTube channels I feel like every black person who claims to be conscious should subscribe to. There’s a lot to be learned from each one.

  1. LanceScurv – Honestly, when I go to this channel I primarily watch the interviews and lectures from Brother Keston, he’s a super conscious man with plenty of great wisdom to share. There are tons of other great videos on there as well.
  2. Carlitoway44 – On this channel you’ll see the most thought provoking, revolutionary cartoons that you’ve ever seen, go check it out.
  3. Victor of RWS – Great channel that is constantly and consistently having in depth dialogue about the system of white supremacy, what it is, and how people classified as non-white can create justice.
  4. Your Black World – Dr. Boyce Watkins talks about black economics, how to create independent wealth outside of the plantation, and other current social issues.
  5. Occult Lectures – Brother Panic has tons of videos packed with esoteric knowledge and wisdom. He teaches black people how to realize the God within ourselves. Most of his lectures are really long, but if you like that sort of thing you’re in for a treat. Also he has classic Bobby Hemmit lectures on there as well.
  6. Dane Calloway – On this channel, Dane teaches that most of the black people in America are indigenous to America and the slave trade didn’t happen as we were taught. I don’t agree with everything he teaches but he does have a lot of useful information that you may not find on other channels.
  7. Blackmagik363 – There is no other channel on the internet with more ‘conscious content’ then this one. There’s a lifetime of information on there already.
  8. IRONMUHAMMAD68 – I go to this channel when I need some Nation of Islam teachings. There’s a lot of lectures on there from Louis Farrakhan. If anyone reading this has an interest in the Nation, make sure you check out the videos on this channel. Of course you can go to the Official Nation of Islam YouTube channel for more videos as well.
  9. TransAtlantic Productions – This is the channel you need to subscribe to if you need some afrocentric lectures from years ago. A lot of heavy lessons in those videos. I suggest checking them out immediately.
  10. BLACKNEWS102 – I can’t forget Sa Neter TV, he’s been out here doing his thing for a long time. You’ll find a lot of lectures from a wide variety of people on a wide variety of topics. A lot of content you won’t find anywhere else.