Scientists Experiment On Melanin To Create Advanced Robots And Implants

Let’s set a level of understanding here, hopefully we can stay on the same page.

There is one race of humans: all of which have various levels of melanin (the transmutable dark matter found in all living things). It should be understood that the highest levels of melanin traditionally are found in people with a darker hue of skin, meanwhile those with lower levels of melanin traditionally are found in people with light brown to pale skin.

However it should be noted there are many instances in which a person can have low (not void of) levels of melanin in the skin but high levels of melanin on the organs and in the nervous system.

The majority of the people on planet earth have rich levels of melanin. The only people who do not have “sufficient” levels of melanin would be people classified as “caucasians” or “white”. It is ironic that majority of experiments on or about melanin come from a group of people with the least amount of it on the planet. Is this something people (with melanin) should be worried about? Yes.

In an article titled “Will cyborgs be made from melanin? Pigment breakthrough enables biocompatible electronics” by ‘Frontiers’ you could see the desperate enthusiasm to discover how to manipulate melanin:

Our process produced a billion-fold increase in the electrical conductivity of eumelanin,” say study senior authors Dr. Alessandro Pezzella of University of Naples Federico II and Dr. Paolo Tassini of Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. “This makes possible the long-anticipated design of melanin-based electronics, which can be used for implanted devices due to the pigment’s biocompatibility.

From a sociological perspective, this study and others like it are an attempt by the Caucasian collective consciousness to redeem their lack of natural melanin with an artificial substitute. Even if that substitute is in the form of melanin-based robots controlled by them or melanin-based implants. I think Dr. Francis Cress Welsing would agree with me on this one.

Another article titled “New study: Melanin conducts enough electricity to enable implantable electronics” talks more about the ‘Frontiers’ experiments on melanin:

We are electrical creatures. Defibrillators jump-start us, for one thing, and electricity plays a part in how we work, down to a cellular level. Eumelanin, a dark pigment from which we get our eye, hair, and skin color, has been understood for nearly 50 years to conduct electricity. For almost as long, scientists have been looking for ways to take advantage of this trait, but eumelanin’s conductivity has been too weak to serve any practical purpose beyond its biological role. Now, however, a multi-discipline team of scientists from Italy — their findings were published in Frontiers in Chemistry on March 26 — have figured out how to boost that conductivity to the point that it may become usable as a coating for medical implants and other devices that human bodies won’t reject.

Do you think that there will be a constructive result for the non-white people of the world when teams of highly educated and dedicated Caucasian scientists are pillaging day and night to discover how to take “what makes black people black” and turn it into a supreme technology to be left at the disposal of even more powerful caucasian persons or organizations? I don’t think so either.

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