DL Hughley: If You’re White And Poor In America, You Wasted Your Whiteness

DL Hughley has a tendency to bring out some raw truth in a calm, casual way.

Not too many black celebrities “keep it real” because they may lose endorsements or resources provided by the system of white supremacy, this hasn’t stopped long term comedian and activist DL Hughley one bit.

“If you’re broke and white in America you have wasted your whiteness, you should put it on eBay and sell it to some niggas that would use it. How did you blow a 400 year head start?” said Hughley in a Dj Vlad Interview.

I happen to agree with him.

If you are ‘white’ and live in a place where the system of white supremacy is in place and operational, such as America, you have unbelievable opportunities to create wealth and opportunities based on systematic advantages.

There’s no reason why someone classified as ‘white’ should be broke in a system that completely caters to their existence and prosperity.

So like DL Hughley said, if you’re white and have no money in America, you have certainly “wasted your whiteness”.

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