Malik Yoba Tells Breakfast Club He’s The “Freest N*gga In America” After Coming Out

Malik Yoba made a visit to The Breakfast Club and goes into to detail about his open attraction to trans women.

The internet, specifically black people on the internet, have been “throwing salt” and absolutely going in on Malik for coming out about his sexual preferences.

This interview provided a platform for Malik to respond to his critics, all at the same time. To help bring light to the subject of trans gender and trans women Malik brought LGBTQ activists Mr. David Johns, Nala Simone Touissant, and Carmen Carrera. “The four brought a light to LGBTQ and Trans-related topics that need to be talked about” said The Breakfast Club.

Personally, I don’t care what Malik Yoba’s sexual preference is, that’s his life and he can do what he wants with it. However, I am aware that his personal preferences have social impacts due to his celebrity status. I’m also aware that the system of white supremacy, which governs America, has prioritized and publicized the demasculination of the black man since its inception. I’m not saying that Malik Yoba is intentionally part of the “gay agenda”, but his outspoken attraction for trans women will most certainly be manipulated by the powers that be to further the “gay agenda”.

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