Don’t Join A Gang For ‘Clout’ Then Snitch When Faced With Consequences

Hopefully 6ix9ine’s Story Teaches Youth A Lesson: Joining A Gang For Clout Will Ruin Your Future When You’re Exposed For Not Being ‘About That Life’.

The Hip-Hop world has been buzzing about Tekashi 6ix9ine snitching on his former crew with the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence for his crimes.

What makes this so dramatic is before 6ix9ine was arrested he paraded himself to be the most ruthless gangbanger the world has ever seen, he portrayed an image of being invincible. At one point, he was calling out every hood in America to ‘test his gangsta’ and publicly slandered many respected rappers names to prove his point.

Now, after all of that noise he was making, we can find him in a court room telling on the people in his gang as well as others who may not necessarily be apart of his organization. The recording from the court doesn’t give you that loud, arrogant and disrespectful vibe you’d normally get from 6ix9ine. In fact, he was extremely polite and well mannered while he was answering questions in the court room.

Every young person in America who thinks being in a gang is glamorous and desirable should look at Daniel Hernandez (6ix9ine) for a second opinion. This young man was not really ‘about that life’ although he perfected the image and now he’s paying the price for faking the funk.

In order to get the clout Daniel felt he needed to reach a particular level of status he teamed up with real gang members so his persona would be believable. All the while he was being extorted, robbed, and supposedly people in his immediate crew were sleeping with his baby mother (not sure if they were in a serious relationship or not).

The point is, he was using the gang for clout and they took full advantage of him. So now, after reaching a phenomenal level of celebrity and making millions of dollars he’s sitting in a court room with nothing to show for all of his success. All because he wanted the clout of being a ‘gansta’, not realizing sooner or later he would have to deal with the associated consequences of that lifestyle.

If he was really about the gang life like he claimed he would’ve expected the collateral damage of living that ‘thug life’ and would’ve sacrificed himself for the culture he boasted to be the king of. Instead, his true intentions are coming out and even if he does less prison time for snitching he will eventually pay with his life for snitching on a large criminal organization.

The moral of the story: Don’t ruin your entire life trying to be something you’re not because one day you will be exposed for who and what you truly are, and in that day everyone reaps what they have sowed.