Wed. Jan 29th, 2020


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Antonio Brown Released From Patriots, Without Official Charge

CBS News reports that NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has officially been dropped by the New England Patriots due to him being accused of sexual misconduct by two women.

Although there is still a pending investigation, he was released from the team on the strength of accusations, not a criminal conviction. Brown was to receive a $5M bonus on Monday, September 23.

So not only has he lost an opportunity to continue playing for the Patriots, but he’s missing out on millions as well.

Doesn’t it seem strange the sexual assault accusations are surfacing around the time his bonus is due? I’m not saying he did or did not commit ‘sexual misconduct’, but based on America’s long history of falsely accusing famous black men for sexual crimes they did not commit it’s possible that there’s more to this story then we know.

Nonetheless, Brown accepted his termination from the team and tells the Patriots on Twitter, “thanks for the opportunity.”

Cover Photo: Getty Images