Spanking Your Child Is Now Illegal In South Africa

According to Political News outlet ‘We Love Africa‘:

“There has been mixed reaction to the landmark Constitutional Court ruling that makes it illegal for parents to spank their children.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng stressed that expunging the law that allows “reasonable and moderate” corporal punishment is meant to ensure that children are free from all forms of violence Justice Mogoeng delivered the apex court’s unanimous judgment on Wednesday that effectively outlawed spanking of children by their parents.

The Chief Justice pointed out that parents’ entitlement to chastise children moderately and reasonably had been used as an escape route from prosecution or conviction Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) says it is fuming after the Constitutional Court upheld a ruling on Wednesday that declared corporal punishment at home unconstitutional.

The ruling has split South Africa with human rights groups claiming that chastising children by spanking them unjustifiably limited their rights to dignity and freedom from violence and amounted to assault.”