Christianity Makes Black People Forgive And Submit To White Domestic Terrorism

The daily acts of genocide conjured by the system of white supremacy should not be forgiven “in the name of Jesus.”

How can there be peace and forgiveness if there is no justice?

As we can tell, America nor the system of white supremacy is interested in serving justice, especially to the melanated masses. Instead, christianity has been promoted to us by them to ensure that we’d turn to Jesus for solutions rather than face our enemies and solve our own problems. This indoctrination began with the first waves of European missionaries who ‘spread the gospel’ to indigenous peoples throughout the world.

In America, Christianity was embedded in ‘melanated minds’ by way of brutal slavery and torture methods. So now in 2019, even though chattel slavery has technically been abolished about 150 years now, the generational trauma still lives on this very day.

We still maintain behaviors we were forced to learn in slavery. One of those behaviors was to always have forgiveness in your heart for your slave master (or white people in general), no matter what they do, because it is ‘God’s will’.

You can see evidence of this behavior in the recent Amber Guyger case where a white female police officer walked into a black man’s apartment and murdered him.

The Hill reports: The brother of Botham Jean, a black man who was murdered by former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger in his own apartment, embraced Guyger in court on Wednesday, telling her that he does not “even want you to go to jail” and that he hopes she gives her “life to Christ.”

During Guyger’s Wednesday sentencing hearing, Brandt Jean spoke from the witness stand, ABC News reported. He said he hopes Guyger will “go to God” now that the trial is over.

“I hope you go to God with all the guilt, all of the bad things you may have done in the past,” Brandt Jean said. “Each and every one of us may have done something that we’re not supposed to do. If you truly are sorry — I know I can speak for myself — I forgive you, and I know if you go to God and ask him, he will forgive you.

Brandt Jean literally hugged the woman who murdered his brother, and suggested that if she turned to Jesus all will be forgiven. Due to being a mental slave to Christianity, he submitted himself to the will of ‘white supremacy’ and pardoned all righteous retribution in his heart for his slain brother. Pathetic.

To make matters worse the father of Botham Jean even said he could see himself being friends with Amber Guyger, the white female police officer that murdered his son, after a while. According to NBC 5, “they [Botham’s Parents] addressed their son’s moments of grace in the courtroom as he forgave Amber Guyger and hugged her. Botham’s father told the congregation that because of his faith, he believes he could be Amber Guyger’s friend at some point.

The Judge of the case, whom is a black woman, even got out of her seat to hug the murderer.

The bailiff actually stroked Guyger’s hair as if to get her ready or ‘freshen her up’. Some say she was performing a routine hair check to look for any weapons or drugs. From my perspective and many others, it looks nothing like that at all. It looks she is prepping ‘massa’ for court.

All of this forgiveness and love for the murderous former police officer was because of Christianity. This is a common theme of America. White mass murderers, racists, slave owners, and everything in between are supposed to receive the maximum level of empathy from us despite their behavior and the consequences that should be associated with that behavior.

Why? Because “God will forgive you if you just turn to Jesus”. Sounds good but where was all this love and empathy for us when we were forced into chattel slavery, murdered in cold blood, raped, framed by crooked police officers and left to rot in prison, racially profiled in every segment of society, and forced to be happy with a few crumbs that fall of the table of ‘white supremacy’. Black people have never seen America’s mercy. Yet it seems we always have an extra helping of forgiveness on standby for any racist white supremacists that threatens, attacks, or murders us. This mentality must be exterminated.

Do we have that much mercy for our own people? At what point will we realize that Christianity is more about being subservient to ‘white supremacy than anything else? How many times will we be the victims of white domestic terrorism and still look the Bible they gave us, pray to a God they told us about, and hide our cowardice underneath the cloak of ‘love and forgiveness’? When will we discover that we continuously offer compassion to a people that have no conscious? Do they truly feel “sorry” for their crimes against humanity? Or are they only sorry when their sinister thoughts and behaviors are exposed and they seek to escape punishment for their crimes?

We forgive, they have permission to keep killing. We forgive, they have permission to keep stealing from us. We forgive, they have permission to do as they please with us. We forgive, and black lives will never matter to them because apparently they don’t matter to us either. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything…