October 16, 2019

You Can’t Evolve Until You Control The Ego And Start Having Self Realizations

Becoming A “God” Is About Having Self Realizations Of Your Own Personal Power, Beyond Just Satisfying The Ego.

We learn about melanin, black history, and the accomplishments of our ancestors but we don’t personalize that knowledge. Even on social media, we share all these great things that black people do then turn around and complain about being broke and “how hard it is” in America.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not minimizing the impact of institutional racism and the genocidal tendencies of the system of white supremacy. I’m saying, if we are “kings”, “queens”, and “gods” then nothing they do should be able to stop us. We may talk the part, dress the part, and portray an image, but most of us only learn to have an arsonal of facts to argue with someone.

It turns into us having a monstrous ego, as opposed to having reoccurring self-realizations that increase our personal power. Once we soak in all that knowledge and realize who we are and what we can do our life should reflect that.

We are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. We are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the universe called melanin. We can consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will. There’s nothing we should be afraid of, there’s nothing we can’t do because the universe is mental and the mind is all.

Once we truly internalize this idea, it would literally allow our personal power to bloom into the infinite beyond, making anything truly possible for us. Instead of just boosting our ego, but still having no power. No change. No development. No enlightenment.

Do you wan’t to look cool, or do you wan’t to have personal self-realizations that allow you to interact with the universe in a powerful and unique way? The choice is yours. Know thyself.