If You Want To “Save” The Melanated Masses, First Learn To Save Yourself…

Before you wake up our people, raise the consciousness of the community, unify the melanated Masses and trample the system of white supremacy there’s one thing you’ll have to do first. That is, save yourself.

Save yourself first and become a light for the masses.

Ever wonder why when you get on an airplane one of the first things they tell you is “in the event of an emergency put your oxygen mask on first before you help others”? Well, it’s because if you fail to secure your own survival while you have the opportunity you could become a liability instead of an asset to the situation. You can’t truly “save” someone unless you have in fact saved yourself first.

If you are trying to save others before yourself you are putting the cart before the horse.

You want to build the black economy but can barely manage one stream of income. You want to stop police from killing black people, but can not stop the police from killing you. You want to enlighten the masses yet your foundation of knowledge is limited, you don’t even understand the information you love to get deep about. How is everyone you’re preaching to supposed to accomplish these things when you’ve yet to accomplish them for yourself?

Trying to convince others to hold a standard you yourself can not maintain is useless. Instead, your core focus should be making sure YOU hold YOURSELF accountable. You should be trying to internalize all of the wonderful knowledge you love to talk about and have empowering self-realizations. You should be trying to convince yourself, and reprogram your own mind with the understanding from all of that new knowledge.

Ironically, when you take this route, you’ll discover your personal transformation is a much better testimony than any other gimmick you could come up with. People will be inspired by what you can DO rather than what you say.

So there’s no need to have a worldwide conference with the melanated masses to tell everyone what to do. The best thing you could ever do to “save black people” is to BECOME that King, BECOME that Queen, BECOME that God or Goddess. As you develop yourself from within your ‘light’ will be a beacon to the masses. You don’t even need to talk to people directly to be effective.

If they know who you are, where you came from and what you can do now they will be inspired to duplicate those results for themselves. Even if they don’t know who you are your energy will inspire a particular curiosity. Then when they find out that you found your power and enlightenment from within, they will also look within and strive for self-sufficiency and empowerment.

In conclusion, by saving yourself first you are much more beneficial to the melanated masses you wish to “save”.

You are not going to get billions of melanated minds to agree on any one thing, that’s impossible. Quite frankly, it’s unnecessary. There are ENDLESS paths to enlightenment and empowerment.

There is no “one size fits all” plan that is going to “save” all the melanated minds around the world at the same time.

So the best you can do is figure out what YOU need to do to SAVE YOURSELF and do it. As each of us accomplish these self realizations on an individual level, we will have true empowerment that is from within and not dependent on some leader, religion or other external sources.

Then we can each deal with life, each other, and the woes of humanity from a position of abundant power not subservient dependency.

If you want to “save black people”, save yourself. The curious melanated minds that desire to be free will be magnetized by your liberating frequency and will be inspired to save themselves.