The More “Conscious” You Get, The Less Your Family Will Understand You

When people say “I’m conscious” they aren’t necessarily talking about one universal plateau of consciousness. Think of becoming “conscious” as boarding your own personal train that forever ascends into the infinite beyond. Nobody get’s on the train at the same place, but everyone is headed to the same place. There is no one way to the “light”.

What does being “conscious” mean to me? It’s a personal choice to remain aware of the multi-dimensional realities that have been introduced into someone’s realm of knowledge.

For example, before you became “conscious” you might watch a slave movie and immediately be boiling with emotions, ready to get the strap and start a revolution. However, once you’ve reached a particular level of consciousness you would be less likely to respond to the movie in such an emotional way because you know that the movie industry uses trauma, repetition and symbols to reprogram our subconscious mind with a fear based reality.

Instead you would be able to sift through their puny attempts at mind control and see the hidden symbolism, the esoteric messages. All without emotionally reacting, therefore not participating in the ritual designed to control your mind. This is what I mean by remaining “aware of the multi-dimensional realities that have been introduced into someone’s realm of knowledge”.

The idea of “becoming conscious” is really about tapping in to the real you, the version of yourself (the soul) that exists beyond the physical realm, and maintaining a mindset that is constantly evolving beyond the boundaries of humanity.

Remember when I said everyone doesn’t get on the train at the same place? Well some people don’t get on the train at all, and some of those people are family members. As you read through scholastic masterpieces and ponder upon the mysteries of the universe with a hyper vigilance, most of your family is pondering about the score of a sports game or what’s new on Netflix.

This is not to say one person is right and one is wrong. I’m saying you and your family are probably not on the same frequency of thought. If you’re lucky this is not the case, most of us are not that lucky.

This means that as time goes on a gap grows between yourself and those members of your family who’ve yet to reach a higher vibration, a higher frequency of thought. At one time you may have been on the same wave, but each time you’ve gained a new revelation it restructured your core personality and consciousness. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole the more you find yourself looking around thinking “stupid humans”.

It is not your responsibility to make sure your family is “woke”. I know this is contrary to the each one teach one doctrine we love to promote but it’s the truth. Have you ever tried to drop science on someone in your family and they just look at you like “n*gga, what the f*ck are you talking about”? Good luck trying to tell grandma that there’s no such thing as Jesus and that the church she’s been going to for the last 25 years has done nothing but rob her, lie to her and condition her to be subservient to the system of white supremacy.

So what can you do? Does reaching a higher level of consciousness mean you can’t have friends or family? Not at all, but it does mean you need to learn how to deal with those you love a little differently. Understand that everyone is not on the same frequency as you, you have to deal with people on the level they are at. Personally, I don’t care to adjust myself for the average everyday humanoid walking down the street, but I will make accommodations for those that I love and consider family.

This means, when grandma says “praise the lord” you just smile and say “hallelujah”. When you’re at Thanksgiving dinner don’t waste your time trying to break down the foolishness in celebrating the genocide of indigenous people, unfortunately they don’t give a flying f*ck, just say “pass me the gravy please”. When your significant other wants to watch the trending series on Netflix as opposed to a 20 year-old Bobby Hemmitt lecture about the metaphysics of blackness just pass the remote and enjoy the show. This does not make you any less “deep” or “conscious”. This actually demonstrates your higher level of consciousness because you can adjust to any vibratory circumstance without actually becoming it.

No matter how “conscious” you think you are we are all stuck down here in this dreadful 3 dimensional human existence, at least until our souls escape to freedom after the death of our bodies. Not only that, but “you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

Just because you have a seemingly infinite arsenal of knowledge doesn’t mean everyone you come across will be willing to learn what you know, especially family. If someone asks you something, of course break it down for them. However, introducing knowledge to someone who is not receptive to information that contradicts their core value or beliefs is a tragedy waiting to happen.

I know, you still want to “save” your family and bring them to higher consciousness. If this is true, then all you need to do is make your own internal light so bright that it demands attention. If you are truly “conscious” then how you maneuver through humanity will be notably different. Your results would be incredibly unique. You would manifest more abundantly then say someone who is “sleep”.

In other words, if you want to get your family to be on a similar frequency to you then lead by example. They will follow what you do not what you say. And if they don’t follow you? Well, like I said before, there are many paths to light. Their particular train just might be taking a different route.