The Cosmic Consciousness Of Melanated Minds Supersedes “Logic” Based Thinking

Although “left brain thinking” is emphasized and prioritized as a superior mode of thinking by the Eurocentric architects of this modern society we live in, its inability to include cosmic realities in which the melanated masses are biologically equipped to interact with and lack of balance with intuitive “right brain thinking” makes it a handicap, particularly for melanated minds, to adopt and submit to.

Particularly in America, and other European influenced societies, the only “valid” form of thinking is “left-brain thinking”. This means a more linear, logical, mathematical, sequential type of thinking. While simultaneously demonizing “right-brain thinking” which has to do more with visualization, intuition, holistic thinking, rhythm and arts.

Although both sides of the brain are equally important, the founding fathers of modern European thought insisted upon “logic” being superior to all other modes of thinking. Meaning unless your thoughts are “logical” and “linear”, they are inferior, invalid and irrational according to European tradition.

Why is this important? Because we currently live in a global system of white supremacy which aims to dominate the melanated masses due to fear of genetic annihilation. This “system”, consciously or unconsciously, promotes “left brain thinking” and demotes “right brain thinking”.

What I’m saying is, most of us were raised by a society designed to cater to European standards and beliefs. We think like them. We have forcefully inherited this mode of thinking. Whereas before exposure to European doctrines and practices most of the melanated masses maintained societies that encouraged more of a balance between the “left” and “right” brain. A balance between logic and intuition. A balance between masculine and feminine.

Dr. Marimba Ani, Author of the classic Yurugu – An Afrikan-Centered Critique Of European Cultural Thought And Behavior explains the difference between Indigenous modes of thinking versus European modes of thinking:

According to Eric Havelock, Plato “discovered” the “psyche” that came to refer to the “isolated, thinking self.” The self was no longer conceived as a cosmic being, that is a being that experienced itself as intimately involved with other beings in the cosmos. A “cosmic self” implies that reality of self is phenomenally part of other realties presented as a result of sentient, conscious, and spiritual coexistence in the universe. Cosmos itself refers to the universe a unified, interrelated (organic) whole. Havelock is that “pre-Platonic” Greece understood the self in this way. That makes historical sense , since Greece developed out of its cultural and intellectual association with early African traditions.

The African and Native American world-vies have similar cosmic concepts. Their intellectual traditions and thought-systems rest on the assumption of cosmic relationship. These conceptions form a basis of communal relationships as well as a sympathetic relationship with the natural environment.

Scientists have talked in terms of two parts or “hemispheres” of the brain for some time. The left hemisphere is believed to control certain kinds of processes, while the right hemisphere controls other kinds of thought processes…..A related point to be made here is that while all cultures and all people involve both “hemisphere-modes,” so to speak, in “normal” functioning, cultures and therefore their members can value one style of cognition over another. In such cases one will be emphasized and encouraged, while the other is not. A person will be rewarded for thinking in the valued mode, and such habits of thoughts will be reinforced in the formalized learning and socialization processes. The same person will be “punished” for thinking in the “devalued” mode, and will “fail for doing so.”

In nineteenth century Europe, in which unilinear evolutionary theory reigned, European scientists said that the left hemisphere was “major” because it was associated with “thought” and “reasoning,” which set humans apart from animals. The right hemisphere was labeled “minor” and less advanced or less evolved. It had a “lower” capacity, dealt with “emotion”, and had to be directed by the left hemisphere. Clearly this was a nineteenth century version of the Platonic conception.

Although Dr. Ani did not say it directly in her book, I believe the European attraction to “left-brain thinking” is a side-effect of being relatively melanin deficient.

This melanin deficiency disables any hyper sensitivities to energies, universal rhythm and multi-dimensional cosmic realties. In other words, it’s my opinion that “right brain thinking” is useless without melanin.

It’s like trying to start a car with no engine under the hood or gas in the tank.

So rather than “logic” being supreme, their choice of promoting “left brain thinking” was the only form of thinking that the European masses could genetically access or tap in to.