Black Man Stabbed To Death After Cutting In Line For A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

According to the NY Post: Kevin Tyrell Davis, 28, spent about 15 minutes bypassing customers to get the popular Popeyes chicken sandwich before he was stabbed to death by an unidentified suspect in one of Maryland’s branches.

Some reports make it to be that Tyrell was killed for cutting in line for a chicken sandwich. Other reports say “it was deeper then that”, although the details are not provided. Was he killed over chicken sandwich? It does certainly look like it, however eye witnesses to the stabbing suggest otherwise, and their testimonies should be taken into account.

I do know this, there’s something really strange about that damn chicken sandwich. Of course this is just a theory at this point but I think this is a social experiment and that there are mind altering substances in that food. This not the first time America has done isolated experiments in the black community. Since that chicken sandwich came out black people (especially those who’ve had it before) have completely lost their melanated minds.

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