November 18, 2019

Even If Trump Get’s Impeached, It Doesn’t Fix Institutional Racism Or End The System Of White Supremacy

For some reason people seem to think once we “get trump out of office” America will instantly be “great again”, here’s why this is flawed.

Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic – TIME

America is one outpost if not the headquarters for the global system of white supremacy – which is a system consciously or unconsciously created by white people to subjugate all non-white peoples of the known universe to avoid the threat of genetic annihilation by way of the genetically dominant melanated masses. This is what “racism” really is about, genetic envy and fear.

Getting back to the point, whether Trump is in office or not the global system of white supremacy is still operational. So as a black person, or any other melanated mind living in America, it is an absolute waste of time insisting on the impeachment of one openly racist white man only to have a less transparent racist white man take his place.

The SYSTEM of white supremacy is your real problem, Trump is just a leaf on the tree. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained to us with magnificent detail exactly what this system is all about, leaving us all the tools necessary to come up with real life solutions.

They got you focused on the tree so much you can’t see the forest. This is one of their techniques. Day after day, month after month, year after year you obsess yourself with what Trump or some other agent of the system of white supremacy is doing. The entire infrastructure of your reality is based on what THEY are doing. Not only does your attention empower their agenda but it takes away energy and power from yourself.

So for me personally, I’m not concerned with what Trump is doing. I know what he is, what he represents, and his role in the system of white supremacy. I know even if he gets the boot, that system will not change.

What I am concerned with is, “what can my family and I do to utilize our own personal power to manifest our desired reality while we occupy these melanated human shells in this 3 dimensional realm?” Anything else is a distraction – like I said before, my attention will either be used to empower myself and my family or be used to empower someone else, who may not have my best interest at heart. Either way my attention has power. I choose to use as little of it on Trump as possible, you may consider doing the same.