Black Man Says He’s Taken Care Of His Wife & Paid All The Bills For 18 Years

Some people feel like the man in the video is a champ for being a full fledged provider for his wife and family, others feel like he is a chump for assuming all the financial responsibility and not expecting his wife to contribute to a family with 8 children. Let’s talk about it…

Let me start off by saying, I think the man in the video is definitely a champ, here’s why.

We live in a day and age where a lot of young men are helping bring lives into this world without helping provide for those same lives. Unfortunately, it’s become a new standard. It takes men like the one in the video to set a particular standard for others to strive for, especially those who’ve never had a living example of what a REAL man should do.

How is he a ‘chump’? Is it because he took his marriage vows to heart and loves his wife so much that he wanted to provide a comfortable life for her? Or is it because he made babies and took it upon himself to make sure he was always available to provide for them? Is it because he assumed his role as a “protector” and “provider”and did not depend on anyone else to fulfill his manly duties? Based off of the video clip above, there’s just no way you can tell me that this man is anything less than a REAL man. My grandfathers have this type of attitude, I assume some of yours do too.

Some people are saying things like, “well it’s not fair that the man has to do all of this and that while the woman just gets to sit and home and do nothing, he’s getting played by a lazy woman”. No where in the video did he say or suggest that his wife does “nothing”. He pretty much says she pays for nothing, that’s not the same as doing nothing. There’s not enough information in the video to tell us whether she has a business on the side or a side hustle that brings income to household. Even if she doesn’t have a business on the side, with 8 kids, you know damn well she’s been busy especially with her husband probably away from the house working most of the time.

Not only that, but not all relationships are structured the same. Some couples agree on splitting the bills and some couples agree on one person working (usually the man) and the other taking care of the home life. It just depends on the couple. Plus, with so many more opportunities available to women in this day and age, most women seem to want to create opportunities that allow them to be independent of a man if necessary. Not every woman wants to stay at home, some do.

The point is, the man in the video has obviously worked it out with his wife to where he assumes financial responsibility for the family while she assumes other equally important responsibilities. That doesn’t make him a chump.

In fact, I think every man who think’s that guy is lame for being an ultimate provider is probably salty that they are not in a position to do that for their own family. Rather than be inspired, and take notes, they choose to hate on the next man’s grind because it exposes their complacency and lack of testicular fortitude.