Wed. Jan 29th, 2020


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Never Forget: “Thanksgiving” Was How Colonizers Celebrated The Genocide Of Indigenous People

While the majority of melanated minds in America are preparing for Thanksgiving meals and get togethers, there are those of us who acknowledge the reality of this holiday and find it impossible to muster up a righteous enthusiasm about celebrating the genocide of indigenous people.

Especially considering many so-called Black Americans are indigenous to America anyway, meaning we descend from the original settlers of the American lands that came from Africa (the birth place of civilization) and eventually mixed with the East Asians whom traveled through the Bering Strait. All before the first European ‘discovered America’.

Let’s be real though, even though we may be the All-Star Aboriginal Mighty Morphin’ Conscious Ranger, most of us still find ourselves with friends and family enjoying the festivities of the day.

Many of us already understand that the Thanksgiving we learned about in school is not the real story. Many of us understand that this holiday represents a symbolic milestone in the murderous campaigns of the European invaders. We know it was never about love and philanthropic enthusiasm between the indigenous peoples of America and the European colonizers but rather creating a framework that reinforces an ideology of European dominance and ‘supremacy’.

So the real question is, if you choose to celebrate with friends and family on a holiday that was originated to celebrate the submission of indigenous peoples to European invaders does that mean you are supporting the conquering of your own people?

In my opinion, there are two answers depending on the circumstance.

If you are someone ignorant of the real history and meaning behind Thanksgiving and you are celebrating the holiday because America told you then yes, because you have no knowledge of self and you are just a mindless slave being obedient to your master.

On the other hand, if you are completely aware of the truth but you choose to attend the events of the day because it is a golden opportunity for you to spend time with people you care about the most and may not have seen in a while then no, you are not supporting the conquering of your own people. You’re conscious enough to not be manipulated by the artificial Thanksgiving propaganda but at the same time take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy family, which unfortunately only seems to happen in America on holidays white people created.

Nonetheless, in between the meals and the laughs don’t be discouraged if nobody wants to hear that All-Star Aboriginal Mighty Morphin’ Conscious Ranger rhetoric. Everyone at your table today will not be “woke”, and it’s not your job to wake them up. They will get there when they get there. You just remember who you are, and always remember the truth. You can choose to exclude yourself from all activities and family interactions today because you are “too woke for this sh*t” or you can appreciate the precious time with loved ones that we all too desperately need and be assured within yourself that you are NOT supporting the conquering of indigenous people, but rather celebrating the day on your own terms and for your own reasons.