A Human Has A “Hue” (Melanin), Without It You’d Be A ‘Kind Of Man’, Mankind

There is a difference between ‘hue-mans’ and mankind. Mankind is more like a Neanderthal than a ‘hue-man’. Humans have existed on planet earth for millions of years, while mankind has yet to reach 10,000 years of existence.

The common misconception is that all people on planet earth are the same, that all of us are humans. We are all NOT of the same biological circumstance. There are obviously some commonalities between the two types, but that doesn’t make us the same species. That’s like saying every creature in the ocean has the same biological circumstance because they all live under water. This is important because the two different species of man (the original man and mankind) have totally different prerequisites for existing and thriving on planet earth. Our biological circumstance has different needs and unless those needs are catered to we’d all be maintaining a lifestyle conducive to a different species, ‘hue-mans’ and mankind alike.

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The point of this is not to focus on how one is better than the other, time and nature will do that all by itself. What I’m trying to shed light on is the reality of the melanated masses whom all have common African origins are not the same species of man as the descendants of the caucasus mountain cave dwellers who now classify themselves as “white”.

This type of misconception is in part due to the public belittlement of melanin by the European scientific community, which has a way of inspiring the rest of the world to adopt its ideas and philosophies. On one hand, most of the popular and respected outlets of scientific information downplay the magnificence of melanin. On the other hand, these same centers of modern scientific thought are spending a significant amount of resources developing melanin cyborg technologies and other methods of utilizing melanin for financial gains and military power.

What is “hue”? Merriam Webster defines hue as color or gradation of color. The hue, or color that is in people comes from melanin. In other words, if you don’t have color then you don’t have melanin. Melanin is a prerequisite for being “hue-man”.

Don’t get me wrong, just because someone is “light-skinned” or “high yellow” doesn’t mean they aren’t a ‘hue-man’. Melanin can present itself externally in ‘hue-mans’ as a variety of browns – dark brown to light brown. Some people may have lower levels of melanin in the skin, while simultaneously maintaining moderate or even high levels of melanin internally (nervous system, brain, organs, etc.). However, if you are melanin deficient externally AND internally, then you would technically be a ‘kind of man’, but not a ‘hue-man’.

Humans can maintain a healthy homeostasis within earth’s natural atmosphere because of melanin. This is why “black don’t crack”. The melanin within the skin literally absorbs energy from the sun and stores it for later use like an organic battery.

Without sufficient levels of melanin, or carbon within your body the natural atmosphere of the planet would become non-cooperative with your survival. The sun alone would shrivel you up without a healthy layer of the cosmic sunscreen, melanin. So basically, the real ‘hue-mans’ on planet earth are melanated.

Mankind, is like a human, but minus the ‘hue’. They are almost completely void of melanin in all of its forms, externally and internally. This makes existing on planet earth a struggle without extreme accommodations – such us an entire civilization built along the premise of blocking out the sun.

If you notice, our current society which is based around eurocentic standards creates homes and buildings that look like caves, this is no accident. Windows are often few or tinted to ensure minimum sunlight reaches the inside. Mankind has the prototype of a human, but with Neanderthal DNA.

Vardzia – Caves in the Caucasus Mountains

The descendants of the Caucasus mountains (land of caves) are not technically “hue-mans” in the truest sense of the word, but rather a kind of man, ‘mankind’.

This is not really about race though, it’s about genetics. Race is made up, however genetics are very real and makes a difference in how this physical shell we are renting from the earth can interact with the cosmos and environment. The rhetoric about “being all the same” is only true for melanated minds (for the most part).

The melanin deficient descendants of cave dwellers do not have the same genetic make-up as the melanated masses, they are two different species with a very different biological circumstance. This is not “hate speech” it’s actual factuals.

Perhaps the world is in the terrible shape its in now because people whom do not have the genetic capacity to exist in a way that is aligned with righteous universal laws are making decisions that impact all life as we know it.

Perhaps it’s time for the real ‘hue-mans’ to stand up and civilize the uncivilized once again, and restore a balance to the planet and ultimately the universe.

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