Facebook Has A Serious Problem With Conscious Black People Sharing Truth

After reading the comments and reaction from my previous article on this subject, Facebook Censors Posts From Conscious Black People To Stall Mass Awakening, I’m thoroughly convinced my personal experience with Facebook is not a unique phenomena.

If you didn’t read it yet, here’s the main point, “Facebook is the world’s largest media outlet in the world, and the white supremacists who manage the company have no intentions on allowing the melanated masses to use their platform to increase the consciousness of ‘huemanity’.

Since that article has been posted I’ve been in ‘Facebook jail’ at least 6 times.

Here’s what usually happens, I’ll share an article that starts going viral (thousands of shares in the first few hours) and the next day or so I’ll receive a notification saying I can’t post anything for a week or longer.

It would seem as if some sort alarm goes off at Facebook Headquarters every time one of my posts is gaining traction.

To be honest, I’ve never had an article go viral that didn’t land me in Facebook jail.

The main reason they always say I’ve been restricted is for “hate speech”.

Really? How do I spread hate? It is because I acknowledge that Melanin Is The Most Dominant Substance Of The Universe And We’re Made Of It? Is it because I share the divine biological circumstance of Black Women, acknowledging that The Black Woman Is A Supreme Being Of The Universe And The Mother Of Humanity? Or is it because I unapologetically expose the history and genetic deficiencies of the descendants of Caucasus cave dwellers, shattering the false narrative of ‘white supremacy’ into crumbles?

Any information that reveals the supreme biological, historical, and spiritual circumstance of the melanated masses is seen as “hate speech”.

As if people shouldn’t study or appreciate melanin just because white people barely have enough to exist on planet earth. Is that my fault?

Or maybe black people aren’t supposed to talk about history because “it’s not fair” that melanated minds were/are the foundation of every civilization that ever existed. Is that my fault?

No it’s not.

The reality is melanated minds all over the world are waking up to the truth about our history and supreme biological circumstance. There’s no stopping this information.

Out of the darkness has come the light. We are that light shining knowledge and truth on the world, and no matter how many accounts get closed or restricted the truth will prevail.