Trump Supporters At Pennsylvania Rally Declare Civil War If Trump Gets Impeached

Frustrations rise as Trump supporters fear the end is near…

In the coming days, weeks, and months you can expect to see and hear more rhetoric like this from Trump supporters.

You have to understand this is bigger than Trump or the Presidency. This is about the end of white supremacy. Of course Trump being impeached does not end the system of white supremacy, which I’ve said in a previous article. However Trump is a symbol for people who believe in white supremacy (yes even slave minded black folks who cling to ‘massa’).

So him being removed from office is definitely a loss for them. It’s creating fear, which turns into desperation, which turns into anger, which turns into violence.

It’s interesting to note that if any non-white people were to assemble and openly suggest civil war there would be swat teams and military presence immediately. Everyone in that rally would be arrested and demonized by every social media outlet in the country.

Like I said before, this is bigger then the possibility of Trump being impeached.

This is about white people losing power, and this is the engine behind the rage and hate.

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