Are Rappers Being Extorted After Doing Weird Homosexual Rituals For Fame?

Scott LaRock Jr. talks about the “weird rituals” a lot of new rappers are doing for money and fame.

On this episode of DoggieDiamondsTV Scott LaRock Jr. shares some insight to how many new rap artist are doing homosexual acts to achieve temporary success. He goes in on how the type of people who have achieved success from years of hard work and dedication have a particular peace of mind because they chose to maintain their integrity and enjoy the gradual rise to success. As opposed to the other type of people who will do unimaginable things for immediate “success” then can’t live with themselves after the money stops, the show ends, and the drugs are gone. Oftentimes those same people are extorted and blackmailed by the people who have evidence of the “unimaginable things” they’ve done for fortune and fame, becoming a slave to their distasteful deeds forever.