Greek Philosophers Didn’t “Discover” Anything, They Stole It From Ancient Egypt

Before modern technology, Indigenous minds understood the mysteries of humanity and the universe. When you compare the philosophies and revelations of modern ‘progressive’ thinkers and religions, you’ll find far too often that indigenous minds of the ancient world had already knew and understood the “mysteries” modern minds are just discovering. 

Yosef Ben-Jochannan (1918 – 2015) – a “master teacher of ancient and contemporary history”, researcher, author and lecturer – also known as “Dr. Ben” stated in African Origins of the Major Western Religions that “the whole concept of a “god” or “gods” came out of the Nile Valley African civilizations thousands upon thousands of years before Sumner” (pg. 162-163), which is the birth place of who the Bible calls “Abraham”. Sumner or Sumer is known in the biblical Book of Genesis as Shinar (Mark, 2011). 

In the book, he highlights ‘African influences and roots’ and proves that the major religions of “The West” – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – have African origins. Due to the massive catalogue of information provided by Dr. Ben’s research in African Origins of Major Western Religions (Ben-Jochannan, 1991), I’ll summarize a few components of his overwhelming argument about Major Western Religions having African origins:

  • The concept of a “spirit world” can be found in most “traditionally indigenous African religions”, especially before exposure to the Caucasian/European colonization of indigenous territories.
  • The concept of “good” and “evil” spirits, ancestors, and omens are found in most traditionally indigenous African religions. ‘Western Religions’ explain this phenomena with terms like “angels” or “demons”.
  • Moses of the Bible (as well as everyone else) was no doubt an indigenous African man.
  • Sacrificial Drinking (libations) was apart of ancient indigenous spiritual practices and still is practiced by traditionally indigenous ‘religions’. Christians drink wine for the Holy Communion and Jewish Rabbi’s drink wine on the sabbath. 
  • Elements of voodoo can be seen in the black church. Despite the de-culturalization of indigenous minds by european colonizers, there remains an unconscious reflex to spiritual stimulation by way of chants, distinct tones, harmonies and rhythms (music).
  • The 10 Commandments are originally from the “Book of the Dead”, The Hymn of Adoration to the God Osiris – ‘Negative Confessions’, 125th ch.
  • Osiris was one, of many, to be considered to be the “one true god” thousands of years be Christianity existed.
  • The book of proverbs in the Bible was not written by Solomon, they are from the teachings – collection of poetry and songs – of “Amen-em-ope” (Pharoah/King)

In other words, according to Dr. Ben, – Christianity, Judaism and Islam all stem from the original spiritual systems of indigenous minds from the continent of Africa. Indigenous minds have always been in tune with the full spectrum or balance of the human physical/spiritual relationship. As Chancellor Williams said, “religion to the Africans was far more than ritual reflecting beliefs, but a reality reflected in their actual way of life, religion from the earliest times became the dynamic force in the development of all the major aspects of black civilization (Williams, 1987).”

Indigenous minds are at the roots of all spiritual sciences and understandings. Even in ancient times, indigenous minds “knew the precision of the twenty-six-thousand-year orbit or precession of the equinoxes or the Earth’s ecliptic without the aid of modern telescopes” and they also knew of the “Earth’s axis alignment with the core of the Milky way”.  

These are magnificent revelations for what some historians derogatorily label, ‘primitive cultures’. I personally believe there is nothing ‘primitive’ about possessing the potential to acquire accurate knowledge of the universe without the aid of modern western technologies. Edward Bruce Bynum said, “These ancient civilizations appear to have tapped into the information field that underlies the material structures of the universe and read the living heart of the cosmos (Edward Bruce Bynum, 1948).”

Stolen Legacy

This contrasts the socially accepted notion that “the ancient greeks (500bc- 500ad) were among the world’s first philosophers, scientist, and physicians” and that “They were the first to speculate deeply about the underlying nature of the universe, the nature of knowledge and reality, and the meaning of good and evil. (The History of the World, Alex Woolf)” If indigenous minds believe that disrespectful lie, then it fuels the indefinite indigenous subservience to the alleged european ‘progressors of humanity’. George G. M. James thoroughly exposes how Greek philosophy was stolen from North Africans (indigenous minds) in his classic book “Stolen Legacy”. 

George’s main arguments in ‘Stolen Legacy’ are as follows (James, 1954):

  1. “Greek philosophy was stolen Egyptian philosophy.”
  2. “So-called Greek philosophy was alien to the Greeks.”
  3. “Greek philosophy was the offspring of the Egyptian Mystery System.”
  4. “The Egyptians educated the Greeks.”
  5. “The doctrines of Greek philosophers are the doctrines of the Egyptian Mystery System.”
  6. “The Education of the Egyptian Priests and the Curriculum of the Mystery System show that Egypt was the source of Higher Education in the ancient world, not Greece.”
  7. “The Memphis Theology contains the theology, philosophy and cosmology of the Egyptians and is therefore an authoritative source of doctrinal origin.”

Although George G.M. James does a thorough job of exposing the indigenous origins of Greek Philosophy, he is not the only scholar to do so. 

 We must understand the roots of our ancestors contributions and the global impact of those contributions. Too often, as indigenous minds (in mental slavery) we become estranged to the black origins of philosophy, chemistry, astrology, religion, spirituality, metaphysics, mathematics, divinely proportioned architecture, and many other sciences that have origins from African (indigenous) people. Even those of us who know about the greatness of our black history that occurred long before there was a single caucasian on the planet, still seem to keep this knowledge on the shelf as opposed to absorbing that knowledge and adjusting our present consciousness in accordance with re-discovered ancient black history. Understanding the genius of our forefathers, the ancient indigenous minds, and realizing we have within us now what they had within them then. 

True education not only transforms our mind, but transforms our DNA. One of the definitions of “education” is actually to ‘bring out’. Learning about the magnificent history of indigenous minds should bring out the God Frequency within, that lies dormant in the souls and subconscious minds of every indigenous mind around the world.

The ancestors of the indigenous peoples originally from the continent of Africa – especially before it was renamed Africa – have uncovered the mysteries of the human condition, ‘consciously interacted with and/or manipulating elements of the universe at will’, and mastered the mysteries of the cosmos. Not only uncovered, but exercised that knowledge to ascend to ultimate enlightenment – the god frequency – and leave a lasting legacy as the forefathers of high civilization.