The Patriarchal Nature Of Religion Downgrades The Supreme Circumstance Of Black Women

Have you noticed that most of the belief systems “our community” are now subscribed to have an inherent patriarchal nature that silences and subdues the supreme circumstance of the mothers of civilization?

Last time I checked we all “came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a woman” so why maintain a belief system which does not reflect this reality?

It seems that most religions or belief systems that have been accepted in “our community” are inherently biased towards male supremacy. There is no balance. Women are subjected to inferior statuses despite their supreme biological circumstance.

When I say “supreme biological circumstance” I’m saying that women, in particular black (melanated) women, carry the complete genetic code for all forms of ‘hue-manity’. In other words, all human life as we know it started in the womb of a black woman at some point in time. When you really get down to it, the consciousness that created and expands the infinite universe manifested itself first as a black woman. She is the archetype for human life (the primordial human) and a simple look at the difference between male and female chromosomes will tell you that. So the real question is, why would so called religions or “organizations” that claim to speak truth and power to “our community” emphasize a culture in which the created needs to control and subjugate the creator?


Do women only exist to be wives and have children? If you look at the majority of popular belief systems melanated minds subscribe to it would seem that this is the only “righteous” life of a woman. Obviously being a wife and mother are indeed beautiful and righteous, but is that all that is expected or allowed? It seems the more she submits to the will and desires of men, especially “God” which most assume to be a man, then the more godly she is believed to be.

Meanwhile those same belief systems place men (who in reality are genetically mutated and second-hand expressions of the woman) as the superior being – having endless freedom to explore, express, campaign and conquer.

The man is only required to submit to “God”, whether that “God” be somewhere in the sky or within.

You would think women, in particular black (melanated) women, would be encouraged to “explore, express, campaign and conquer” seeing that their supreme circumstance would qualify them for such endeavors.

Yet this is not the case. The obvious physical advantage of men becomes mistakenly identified as a symbol of the natural order, meaning that because men are bigger and stronger then we must be more important. The God of the belief system becomes a man. The founders of the belief systems become men. The prophets become men. The rulers become men.

The popular belief systems we subscribe to reflect an idea of tolerance not genuine adoration of the woman’s supreme circumstance. On the one hand they might say, “We love our Black Woman, she is a Queen (or Goddess)!”. Then turn around and consciously engage in a culture that requires that same Goddess, the mother of humanity, to completely subjugate herself to a subject of her own creation.

All I’m really trying to say is, “the original man” as we like to say came from “the original woman”. There is research out there pointing to the reality of the original women at one point being to able asexually reproduce (in other words, get themselves pregnant), replicating their existence just like everything else in nature.

Being that “The Black Woman” is in fact the primordial human, it would be logical to assume her biological circumstance would be more in tuned with the harmony of nature than any other human potential. Nature has a way of self -replacating, you see this in all life forms on this planet and in every organic pattern that exists in the universe. So why wouldn’t “Mother Nature” have this ability? After all, she is the original physical manifestation of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe.

If the “The Black Man is God” because he is the original that always was and always will be then that makes “The Black Woman” the God Of Gods or rather The Supreme Being of the Universe being that she is the creator of “The Original Black Man”.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why women, in particular black (melanated) women should support or subscribe to an ideology or religion that does not reflect or respect her supreme circumstance.

Unfortunately due to a lack of knowledge of self, many melanated women do not understand their divine place or potential within this reality. This ignorance makes it incredibly easy for a religion, a religious leader, or a belief system to mold the black woman’s consciousness in a way that contains her supreme circumstance as opposed to embrace it.

If righteousness is the goal then there must be a balance. All of the pieces must fit into place. So in order for religions or organizations to truly empower “our community” it must based around scientific realities as they exist. One of those realities is, the Black Woman is the Supreme Being of the Universe and the Mother of Humanity and the Original Black Man is indeed the Son of the Supreme Being of the Universe.

It only seems righteous that our belief systems encourage our women to “explore, express, campaign and conquer” as much if not more than men. By allowing the archetype of the primordial human, the black woman, to be an object of subjugation we are committing perhaps the highest crime in the universe. It’s like treason against the cosmos.

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