What You Believe Affects Your Biology, Reality And Ultimately The Universe

What you accept as “true” or hold as opinion has a major influence on the cells in your body, your organs, your reality, your community and ultimately the universe.

A cell biologist, Bruce H. Lipton, wrote a book called the “The Biology of Belief” where he explains in detail how what we believe affects our physical being as a whole.

Lipton explains, “Humans and a number of other higher mammals have evolved a specialized region of the brain associated with thinking, planning, and decision-making called the prefrontal cortex. This portion of the forebrain is apparently the seat of the “self-conscious” mind processing. The self-conscious mind is self-reflective; it is a newly evolved “sense organ” that observes our own behaviors and emotions. The self-conscious mind also has access to most of the data stored in our long term memory bank. This is an extremely important feature allowing our history of life to be considered as we consciously plan our futures.

Endowed with the ability to be self-reflective, the self-conscious mind is extremely powerful. It can observe any programmed behavior we are engaged in, evaluate the behavior, and consciously decide to change the program. We can actively choose how to respond to most environmental signals and whether we even want to respond at all. The conscious mind’s capacity to override the subconscious mind’s preprogrammed behaviors is the foundation of free will.

However, our special gift comes with a special pitfall. While almost all organisms have to actually experience the stimuli of life first-hand, the human brains ability to “learn” perceptions is so advanced that we can actually acquire perceptions indirectly from teachers. Once we accept the perception of other as “truths”, their perceptions become hard-wired into our own brains, becoming our “truths”. Here’s where the problem arises: what if our teachers perceptions are inaccurate? In such cases, our brains are then downloaded with misperceptions. The subconscious mind is strictly a stimulus-response playback device; there is no “ghost” in that part of the “machine” to ponder the long-term consequences of the programs we engage. The subconscious works only in the “now”. Consequently, programmed misperceptions in our subconscious mind are not “monitored” and will habitually engage us in inappropriate and limiting behaviors.

Our responses to environmental stimuli are indeed controlled by perceptions, but not all of our learned perceptions are accurate….Yes, perception “controls” biology, but as we’ve seen, these perceptions can be true or false. Therefore we would be more accurate to refer to these controlling perceptions as beliefs. Beliefs control Biology.

Beliefs don’t just affect our biological circumstance but they also affect our reality. Almost every “self help” guru in the world will tell you that your ability to succeed or fail is directly related to how you think. The popular book and movie The Secret explains this phenomena as “the law of attraction”, its another way of saying our internal visualization, feelings, and beliefs attract all of the thing that manifest in our lives.

Taking this power of belief even further, according to Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe our minds actually are what projects the entire universe into existence. Our mind is what moves and manipulates atoms, molecules and energy to manifest what we call reality.

So what does all this mean? It means that what you believe on a conscious and subconscious level is more important than you could ever imagine. Your belief controls your biology, your reality, and ultimately the universe.

With that being said, it’s absolutely critical that your beliefs are based around knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. If you base your beliefs on a whim, or what feels goods, or even worse, just because somebody said you then your entire being is functioning on a program that is NOT aligned to the supreme mathematics in which you and the universe operate. It will be the root of your problems, failures, confusions and fears. So do the knowledge, investigate the science behind your beliefs, it’s one of the most significant things you could ever do.