A Conscious Melanated Mind Is The Greatest Threat To System Of White Supremacy

There’s nothing the system of white supremacy fears more than a conscious melanated mind that is able and willing to utilize their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to increase the vibration of the melanated masses and restore a balance to the planet and ultimately the universe.

All it takes is a few to activate the God within – completely decalcify their pineal gland, activate their melanin, and publicly consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will – for the rest of the melanated masses to realize the power within themselves. For most it will take seeing to believe.

Once this happens, an unstoppable domino effect will take place. It will be similar to how a massive wild fire usually starts from a seemingly irrelevant spark, but then in a twinkling of an eye an entire forest is in flames. One melanated mind after the next will reach a point of full self-realization, unleashing the hidden powers that lay dormant in their genetic code.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing spent a majority of her life explaining how black and brown people are a threat to the system of white supremacy due to our melanin and it’s potential to annihilate the recessive genes of the caucasian. Keep in mind that according to her theory, the melanated masses just need to exist to be a threat. That’s not even considering a conscious effort on the part of the melanated masses.

When you include a conscious melanated mind into the equation it quantifies this threat tremendously. The system of white supremacy can’t do much about the genetic threat of the melanated masses, considering most of the ‘hue-mans’ on the planet are melanin sufficient. However, they can utilize their resources and technology to discover conscious melanated minds and destroy them before they can infect other melanated minds with their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. In other words, they put out the small flame before it becomes a full blown unstoppable wild fire.

Think of every conscious melanated mind that has empowered and raised the vibration of the melanated masses, especially since the caucasus colonizers sought to invade and control indigenous territory. They never can ‘prove them wrong’. They can never win a scholarly debate or find concrete evidence to prove the claims of the greatest melanated minds are ‘wrong’.

So what do they do? They attack the character of the conscious melanated mind. They dig up some ‘dirt’ to persuade others that the conscious melanated mind whom the melanated masses praise is some sort of phony, scam artist, or blasphemous fanatic. If that doesn’t work imprisonment is employed to stall the momentum of the conscious melanated mind. Then if that doesn’t work, assassination is the final chapter. To make things worse, they usually arrange the scenario to appear as if the system of white supremacy had no part in the incident and that it was another case of ‘the savage black people killing each other’.

Sure on some level the system of white supremacy fears a congregation of melanated people “rising up”. However, they have armies and endless amounts of weapons for that situation.

The one thing they don’t have an answer for is the power of your mind, of our mind.

They can not stop a melanated mind that has reached a supreme level of integration with the universe and elements. There’s nothing they can do when a melanated mind has absorbed the ancient sciences and occult wisdom left by the ancestors and utilizes it in a focused and determined fashion. It doesn’t matter how many guns, missiles, or soldiers the system of white supremacy has when a conscious melanated mind discovers how to consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will.

This is what they fear the most. The conscious melanated mind that will surpass all of their attempts to stop our evolution.

In other words, they fear the rose that will grow through the concrete…