Locs Can Be Used As Spiritual Antennas To Tap Into Higher Consciousness

When I started my locs 6 years ago I never thought my hair would play a significant role in the development of my spiritual journey, now I KNOW that they do.

I originally grew my hair because I just wanted to be my natural self. Having braids and maintaining an afro was becoming quite troublesome for me, I had to find an easier way to have long hair. Locs was the answer.

Jason Williams

My first loc journey was the “experimental” stage where I learned what to do and what not to do. I must admit that during this stage I did some ignorant shit with my hair: using waxes, heavy greases, not washing enough, twisting too tight and too often. It got to a point that I actually felt like I needed to cut my hair because it was so heavy and nasty feeling, I felt there was no other choice.

This last 6 years was much easier for me. At the beginning I twisted a little bit but I learned from my previous mistakes. I leaned towards free-forming and natural products. In the past 4 years I’ve twisted my hair twice, and that was with coconut oil and water. These days I keep my hair clean, that’s about it.

Now to the increase in consciousness. I noticed as the years went by my spiritual senses: intuition, understanding, vision (past and present), etc went through the roof. I didn’t recognize anything special about it at first until I realized other people (without locs) were not have having these experiences on the level I was having them.

It’s like my hair was conducting electricity or picking up signals from the earth and the cosmos. I guess the easiest way to explain it would be, I realized my hair was “spiritual” antennas made of melanin. Keep in mind too I am also a serious reader and researcher, I love to learn on a regular basis (not for school). Over the last 5 years I feel like I’ve read hundreds of books and watched over 100,000 hours of lectures, speeches, lessons, documentaries on anything about black history, the biology of melanated people, or ancient sciences.

So this increase in consciousness was definitely a joint effort: a lot of learning plus having “spiritual antennas” working together for one purpose.

I don’t think this extra cosmic awareness I’ve developed could have happened just because of hair growth. This is proven by the millions of dreadheads (especially in America) that are spiritually dead but have long ass locs.

Without knowledge of self, locs are just hair, not antennas.

It’s like having an antenna on your car but never turning on the radio.

Also what you put in your body plays a significant role in the power of the antennas. Healthier living increase the range of the antennas. I don’t know how far the range is supposed to be or even how to measure anyone’s current frequency range. But I am absolutely positive that putting junk in your body that “slows your vibration” will also lower your range and living a healthy lifestyle that “increases your vibration” will increase that range for sure. So really the choice is yours.

If you would like use your hair as “spiritual” antennas then feed your mind so you can better send and receive signals. Live healthier to increase your overall vibration which adds power to the signal. Tap into the power of your melanin. Believe in yourself and what your anatomy can do. If you don’t trust yourself then all of this is useless.

Use your locs to tap into your higher consciousness.