February 2, 2020

Scientists Are Making Batteries Out Of Melanin “The voltage we got out was high…”

Imagine, a group of scientists figuring out how to make a battery out of your melanin, essentially what makes you ‘black’. What does this mean for you?

Photo Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering

According to an article published by phys.org in 2016, “a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has discovered that the chemical structure of melanin on a macromolecular scale exhibits, amongst other shapes, a four-membered ring—in other words, a chemical structure that may be conducive to creating certain kinds of batteries based on natural melanin pigments.

In other words, they figured out that our melanin is in fact a ‘super conductive substance of the universe‘. When you compare regular batteries with their experimental melanin batteries the results were dramatically different. The melanin batteries had a much higher voltage. “The voltage we got out was high—comparable to what you would get for the best sodium-based cathode materials we would use in a battery,” says Viswanathan – Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering.

The issues seem to be not if they can make batteries out of melanin, but if they can stabilize them. Apparently melanin can maintain wide variety of molecular structures, so they are trying to find “which of these arrangements is the most stable.”

What does this mean for you…

So let’s say they find the most stable molecular structure to use melanin as battery, would an industry be born out of this? The are already making melanin cyborg implants, what other uses will they find for melanin? With the demand increasing for melanin, they will need a steady supply of melanin to continue experiments and scientific developments. Where will they get it from?

Being that it appears to be organizations conducting these experiments are primarily funded by wealthy white people that stand a good chance of being racist white supremacists, is it too farfetched to suggest ‘melanin harvesting’ from societies undesirables (poor melanated people) will begin if isn’t started happening already?

Don’t forget the kind of people we are dealing with. The same kind of scientists Harriet A. Washington talked about in her book ‘Medical Apartheid – The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present‘. Keep your eyes open and stay alert people.