America Wants To Keep Black People Fearful, Defenseless And Subservient


Since the first European colonizer arrived in Africa and America, it has been the ultimate goal of the Caucasian collective to subjugate and control all non-white people of the known universe due to fear of genetic annihilation by way of melanin – the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multidimensional, super conductive substance of the universe. This is WHY the system of white supremacy was created.

Neely Fuller Jr. teaches that the system of white supremacy affects ALL non-white people in ALL areas of activity: including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.

From the violent torture and brutality of chattel slavery to the intentional, more modern miseducation of black Americans by way of the educational system and subliminal programming in media, our universal right to think and live as a human being has been under attack.

The endless assault on the psyche of black America from the system of white supremacy (which controls and operates all major faculties of America and the world) has made it ‘easier’ for us to live as cowards than to stand up with dignity and self respect.

Many black people are not willing to forego their American luxuries and conveniences to honor the plight of themselves, their ancestors and community.

It’s easier to be a ‘house negro’, allowing the system of white supremacy to furnish all of your needs and thoughts than to struggle against the most sinister, vicious, and heartless force the planet earth has ever witnessed.

Everything in America is rooted in the philosophy of white superiority and black inferiority.

The lack of self knowledge amongst black people, particularly young men and women, makes us susceptible to the lies spread by American propaganda that encourage our subjugation. Don’t let the system of white supremacy trick your mind and steal your soul.

Stand as a proud black man and woman at all times, in all areas of activity. Resist racism and injustice at all times, in all areas of activity. Respect yourself as a human being that has a universal right to justice, peace and abundance at all times, in all areas of activity.