Europeans Have Employed The Same Techniques To Colonize The Entire World

The 10 Steps Of Colonization: How Indigenous Cultures Were Destroyed

All over the world, literally the entire world, Europeans have been employing the same tactics and using the same tricks in their ultimate quest for global domination. Similar to how a family who owns wine vineyards will perfect it’s wine making techniques over generations, so will a family who owned slaves perfect their techniques over decades and generations.

Even physical slavery, and the idea of reducing black men, women, and children to property has been found by Europeans to be less efficient than other forms of exploitation, and despite any emancipation proclamations or amendments, slavery was never abolished, simply expanded and refined.

It seems as if a small group of European nations have been operating directly out of a playbook or a manual, with again no deviation, no sudden moral epiphanies, no compassion or remorse; just a tyrannical, insatiable quest to own every square inch of global real estate and every natural resource ever known to mankind.

It is unfathomable to our ancestors and even to us in the year 2019, that a group of people who were the last to establish themselves in the fields of science, technology, and global commerce, would turn around and slap a pricetag on land, air, and water.

Expressed in simpler terms, the European is world renowned for one thing specifically: seizing control of something that is naturally abundant and essential to human life, claiming ownership, developing a diluted or synthetic version, and redistributing it to the world for profit.

If we were to take a more in-depth look at the European Handbook to Global Domination, the steps would probably read something similar to this:

  1. Send scouts (reconnaissance, spies, future colonizers) under the guise of missionaries, explorers, traders, etc.
  2. Establish a base, post, territory, settlement, or colony, preferably in a commercially advantageous area, such as a sea coast or a major passageway.
  3. Via amalgamation, rendering of services or favors, or other superficial acts such as official government recognition, gradually increase the population of ‘settlers’ until the number of non-indigenous colonizers starts to rival that of the indigenous population
  4. Establish a presence in either trade, commerce, or government (preferably all three) through bribery, lies and false promises, or brute force
  5. Again through either brute force or any other means possible, gain control of an abundant natural resource which will establish a perpetual system of control over commerce
  6. Through gradual encroachment and systematic infiltration of government, rulership, or any other authoritative governing body which the indigenous population honor and adhere to, remove and replace indigenous leaders with non-indigenous leaders, and administer new and favourable laws which eventually usurp any preexisting laws and rulers of the land
  7. Establish a strong military presence by means of either arming and training a local militia, or by importing waves of soldiers from the colonizing country in Europe
  8. As wealth, power, and political presence continue to grow, set up school systems which only teach and recognize the language of the colonizer, with the goal of eradicating all native languages, customs, traditions, history, and religion
  9. Introduce foreign religious concepts and dieties, with the eventual goal of replacing the gods of the native inhabitants with the Christian god; replace all indigenous beliefs, practices, ceremonies, rites, prophets, etc., with those of Christianity, which will play a major role in pacifying and subjugating the native population
  10. Continue to amass and harness political power and ownership of land and natural resources until all control of profitable commodities have been seized.

This 10-step manual for global domination has worked for centuries for Europeans with minimal resistance and much success. The Berlin Conference of 1884-5, in which a group of Europeans from different countries decided amongst themselves which sections of Africa they were going to pillage and plunder, was one of the greatest and most destructive conspiracy theories ever to have been not only officially documented but successfully undertaken.

Indigenous populations worldwide relied on natural resources that were abundant in their geographical territories for food, commerce, or for some form of sustainence. Whatever the resource, whether it be fruit or vegetable, spice or herb, precious mineral or metal, Europeans have seized these priceless commodities by means of trickery, bribery, or all out brute force and firepower, with the sole motivation of controlling and profiting from the resource until it no longer becomes profitable.

In the late 1880’s, King Leopold II of Belgium amassed for himself a great fortune off of the ivory and wild rubber that grew naturally in what is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over 20 million indigenous Congolese were either killed, mutilated, or enslaved and forced to harvest rubber. Leopold’s soldiers were famous for chopping off the hands’ of their subordinates, either for returning an unsatisfactory yield or to prove to superior officers that they had not wasted any ammunition.

Close to and overlapping the same time period, Cecil Rhodes and his British soldiers pillaged almost the entire southern tip of the continent of Africa, becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world by making the indigenous Africans in that region choose between either death or diamond mining.

In 1471, the Portuguese made their way to what was coined the Gold Coast, now present day Ghana. By the year 1482 they had already built their first colony on African soil, and by 1625 were in battles with the Dutch over control and monopoly of the gold industry.

Dr. Chancellor Williams, in his great book “The Destruction Of Black Civilization“, makes numerous references to the strategic “hemming in” of the blacks by the Asians (or Arabs), and by moving the indigenous Africans further south and away from the sea coasts of the Mediterranean, the Asians/Arabs were able to not only successfully cut off access to trade with the rest of the world, but eventually seize control of the entire Nile River, which was essential to every aspect of life for every African from Egypt to present day Ethiopia.

Whether it be a particular species of animal or plant, whether it be water or oil, indigenous people all over the planet recognized and cherished the precious gifts that mother nature has offered us free of charge, with the only attached stipulation being to cultivate the land and take only a sustainable amount necessary for survival.

For tens of thousands of years, mankind has behaved in this exact way, in a manner which was in complete harmony with the great Mother Earth. Gradually over the course of time, the European has made his way to all four corners of the Earth, bringing with him death, disease, and destruction, under the guise of civilization.

The global narrative seems to be that the whole of Africa was but mere mud-bathing monkeys prior to the arrival of the European and his superior intelligence, religion, and technology. With the advents of serfdom, feudalism, and capitalism, combined with the centuries old practice of slavery, Europeans were able to refine their techniques and make slavery more inclusive. The ushering in of the “Industrial Age” and this current era of mass production, factory farms, materialism, and convenience, has rapidly intensified the destruction.

Europeans have realized that a person who is mentally enslaved, and who is presented the illusion of independence and free will, will ultimately be much more productive than one who is physically enslaved and can see and feel the weight of their chains.

The late great multi-genius Carter G. Woodson said in his book “The Miseducation of the Negro“, that “when you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions”. The only way to combat this well designed system is to retrace your roots. Educate and familiarize yourself with how civilizations governed themselves and conducted their affairs prior to the idea of paying for food, water, land, air, electricity, and gas.

Hundreds of millions (possibly billions) of indigenous people have been brutally and indiscriminately slaughtered due to these techniques and the due to the lust for control. Hundreds of years of slavery, rape, and genocide. All for the quest of global domination and consolidation of power.

The game of Monopoly, which was released in 1935, coincidentally two years after the stock market collapse and the great depression of 1933, was a great way to rub their agenda in our ignorant, undetecting faces.

So at what end will the bloodlust cease? When every drop of drinkable water has been dried up? When every inch of soil has been overturned in search of precious minerals? When every square mile of inhabitable land for animal and plant life has been plowed through and mowed down? When everything that “consumers” are willing to pay for which has been provided by the Earth been used up and dried out? At what point will us Africans stand up and take back what was stolen and sold back to us?

A line from Killmonger in the movie “Black Panther” stands out to me. When the white, European woman who works for the museum informed Killmonger that the artifacts he was examining weren’t for sale, his reply was “How do you think your anscestors got them?…Do you think they paid a fair price, or did they take it like they took everything else”?