Black America Needs A “By Any Means Necessary” Attitude To Attain Freedom

I’m thoroughly frustrated with hearing this idea that we (Black Americans) can achieve our goal of “freedom” from the system of white supremacy and oppression by asking, begging, compromising, voting, praying, sitting, or waiting.

Although it appears we have made much progress, we are still completely under the foot of the same racist “white supremacist” system that has mastered the art of stealing, killing and destroying everyone and everything on planet earth. Their violent tendencies and capitalistic mentality has spread throughout the globe like a cancerous plague, creating conscious or unconscious agents of white supremacy along the way.

How long will we render ourselves defenseless against a system that wishes nothing but death against us? How long will we ignore the fact the government is and has been poisoning us everyday in every way? How long will pray for our enemies? How long will we keep our hands up so racist paranoid police don’t have their insecurities triggered? How long will we be to afraid to deal with the black people in the black community killing black people? How long will we live in fear? How long will we just sit around and do nothing but complain and beg our true enemy for crumbs to survive off of? How long will try a non-violent approach to a very violent problem? How long?

We are not dealing with a “moral” system. We are not dealing with a system that has a righteous conscious. We are not dealing with a moral or righteous people. I’m not even sure we’re dealing with real humans at this point. How could humans with a soul be so able and willing to destroy, divide and devour everything in sight without even a hint of regret? At some point, wouldn’t the “human” conscious kick in and feel SOMETHING that says “we have to stop this…”?

Black people, especially in America, have seen nothing but hate and suffering brought forth by the system of white supremacy. We have been murdered, enslaved, tortured, experimented on, criminalized, beat, whipped, raped, robbed, used, mislead and any other word you can think of to describe the characteristics of violent oppression. After generations and generations of being victims of the system of white supremacy, we have learned how to hate ourselves and even kill ourselves just as good as the system of white supremacy. We learned this murderous and psychotic behavior from our oppressors. Sure there’s always been tribal beefs and family squabbles, but nothing like the insane amount of senseless murders committed these days.

Why is that some of us are still waiting for this same system of white supremacy to love us? To make things right? To apologize? To give us back what we lost?


It’s always a slave/master, dependent/independent, employee/boss, peasant/king, dumb student/genius teacher type of relationship. Where’s the lie?. The “color” of the people is not the problem, it’s the behavior pattern exhibited by a particular collective that is the problem. When have our oppressors, as a collective, brought anything but genocide, slavery, mistreatment, injustice and death to indigenous peoples of the world?

That’s why you asking for justice does nothing. That’s why your prayers for peace are demolished. That’s why your treaties with them become void to their benefit. That’s why after 400 years, as a collective, they still demonstrate that they have a deep level hate of hate for melanated minds and are still conjuring plans keep us in complete subservience.

That’s why they murder us on camera, with witnesses, and get paid vacations. That’s why they replaced chattel slavery with the prison industrial complex. That’s why they laugh at melanated minds when we bring up all of the crimes and injustices they’ve committed against our people. That’s why they celebrate their greatest murderers and call them heroes. That’s why they’ve been able to murder 100’s of millions of indigenous people all around the globe and still feel like the model of morality and the example of a righteous people.

The ‘system of white supremacy’ does not view us as human beings. That system fuels white people around the world with an air of superiority over everything and everyone. To it, or to them, we are nothing more than unsophisticated savages biologically predestined for subservience and complete domination. As a system, as a culture, as a people this is the general attitude demonstrated toward us.

If we want to be free from this devilish system of white supremacy that aims to dominate all non-white peoples of the known universe then we must be willing to pay the ultimate price. Freedom is not free.

I’m well aware that as a unit, black people in America are still dependent on the system of white supremacy for basic human needs: food, clothes, and shelter.

Not only that, but we are severely out gunned. Between the government and the police, what little weapons we have are no match for the weapons they’ve been stockpiling for hundreds of years.

To top it off, we can’t agree on anything or get along long enough to actually implement a strategy. In other words, we are in no shape for a “revolution”. This is something we need to fix immediately. Being self-sufficient and learning how to unite should be our highest priority.

In the meantime, how long we can sit around while the police, the “justice” system, and government murder us how they want and when they want without any consequence? We know our lives don’t matter to them, but what about to us? Can we stop killing each other and focus on our real enemies instead? Are our lives worth fighting for?

We should know by now that we have a royal bloodline. Our ancestors brought civilization to planet earth and scholars have proven that all human variations come from the original man/woman (so-called Black People/Africans). If we are the offspring of such a magnificent people then why are we still subservient and willing participants of our own oppression?

You mean to tell me we can be the original man (the archetype of humanity), build pyramids, bring civilization, explore the entire planet, map out the stars, and be the physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe but we can’t overcome a system designed to prevent the genetic annihilation of melanin deficient, genetically recessive former cave dwellers of the Caucasus mountains?

Either we lay down right now and just die – neglecting billions of ancestors and millions of years of indigenous history in the process – or we, as a unit, remove the “slave mind” forced upon us and decide that we have the human right to live on earth in peace and abundance and are willing to manifest our birth right by “any means necessary”. It’s clear they won’t “give” us our freedom, we must take it.

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